“I am So Alone or Am I” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? with Dr. Rosie Kuhn #157

I am So Alone or Am I?

Experiencing those moments of devastating aloneness is something that occurs for each and every one of us. It is an existential phenomena: because we exist, aloneness exists.

For me, the moments I feel most alone are the moments I begin any new project, and anytime I’m about to take a leap of faith – reaching into and perhaps beyond the edge of my comfort zone.

In these moments I come to experience that, in this moment, I am completely responsible for how I am being and how I am being with myself. I am completely responsible for the choice I’ve made and for taking this next step into what only can be described as the abyss.

I have people in couple’s coaching experiencing this when they desire to step into deeper intimacy with their partners. I know people wanting to write their books, wanting to change careers, parents dealing with the process of empty-nesting, people aging alone…. Every one of these people feel alone, believing they are without anyone to understand and support them in this excruciating moment of being human.

Though we may have read about, talked about, thought about the moment that brings us to the edge of our comfort zone, no one knows it until they step out beyond what was the known just a second ago. And to do it over and over and over again is what it takes for self-discovery and for the fulfillment of the human spirit to occur.

It is so human to feel alone and to forget how connected we are to each other by all the ways we live inside these bodies. We are kindred spirits. When we remember this we can perhaps feel alone less often. We know that we are among brothers and sisters learning to leap into our true magnificence.

Listen in!

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