Home Again, But Where is Home?

It isn’t unusual for adventurers to return home not only physically weary, but energetically crazed. We are, after all, energetic beings. And, moving around the globe, engaging in the energetic fields of various cultures, as well as amongst the emotional field of thousands of people; well, it takes its toll. Though this can be really uncomfortable, it isn’t at all a bad thing! All that stimulation creates a release process, which inevitable discharges dense, useless energy; making way for a lighter, higher vibrational me. YEY!

I arrived home to Orcas, a week ago today. We are experiencing some severe weather patterns, not unlike other parts of the world. I guess it’s our turn.
My travel trailer home of 9 years is close to twenty years old. The awning is ragged and leaking with all the rain, the drain in my little kitchen is clogged, and I’m glad to report that the roof is solid and keeping me dry.
I return not only to torrential rains, but to a refrigerator that broke down a week before leaving for Europe. My dear friend Bill Thompson loaned me a small fridge, which allowed life to continue on a fairly normal basis.

My son, Zach, has been here taking care of Gracie and holding space for me. He has been a conduit for me, which allowed me to stay connected to the sacred land and sanctuary I call Eagle’s Heart, my home.

As you can hear in the tone of this letter, returning home is an adventure, as many of you world travelers know. Beyond leaks, clogged drains and broken down appliances, there is my body and me within my body that is readjusting to a very different lifestyle. There is also the accumulation of material “ physical and energetic, which needs to be purged. Sure, there is the 11 hour time difference to transition through, but there is something else that presses against me for release.

It’s easy to make sense of the unpacking of suitcases and briefcase. It’s also easy to be with the memories of the lovely people and places that were part of my journey. But the energy body is unpacking itself. It’s pouring a deluge of an unexplainable discomfort into me, which lays me flat out! Why must there be such an intense whole-being response to a simple adventure in Europe?

Certainly, while in Europe, the intoxication of the fulfillment of dreams “ to be facilitating a training in Moscow, presenting at an international transpersonal conference, and delighting in the company of my family, took me away from my normal life of contemplative solitude. Transitions through time zones, ongoing activity, busyness, and my two year old grandson, Andrew, being a well-desired replacement for my hour of meditation early in the morning “ I guess that could explain some of it. But, there’s something else.

Cognitively, I’m not equipped to understand the vibrational nature of my being that exists within this Universe. My tendency is to try to push through the knowing of myself as an aspect of universal divinity, and act according to the shoulds and shouldn’t of our consensus reality. However, what I know to be true is that it’s really stupid to attempt to impose my will over God’s will. It doesn’t work. The conscious life force that is wisdom itself will exact the price for my arrogance and my impetus to drive for my will to be done. THWACK! Again, I’m laid out flat.

The generative momentum that was building while in Europe is not sustainable. Not yet, anyway. Sustainability takes time to cultivate. And, what occurs within that time? Breakdowns. Yes, breakdowns. They are unwanted and uncomfortable, but oh so necessary. Within a breakdown there is a release “ a surrendering of matter and energy that is no longer useful. My direct experience tells me this is absolutely true. I don’t like it. I don’t want it, yet I know, more than ever that I’m not in charge, and I can’t make it different. Just like everything else in our lives; it takes the time it takes. I can’t push, pull or throw tantrums. I can whine, though.

On a lighter note:
I’ll be returning to Moscow in February for a Wonderful Women’s Retreat. It’s titled: For Our Grandmothers’ Grandmothers and Our Daughters’ Daughters. I’ll also be facilitating a Transformational Coaching Training in Holland. And of course, a visit with the family in Glasgow. I’ll keep you posted on further developments!

My intention is to empower you to bring your fullest expression into the world. If you imagine a way that our working together will bring this about,contact me, and let’s see what we can work out!

As always I send you blessings and hugs,


Monday, October 14th, I’ll be a guest on Lindsay Morino’s radio talk show Intuitive Guidance. I’ll be talking about how to fearlessly embrace transformation. For more information and how to listen in to the show, click here.

Cultivating an Enlightened Practice
We never know what’s meant to be until it shows up in the tangible world – or doesn’t. Given the perimeters of time and space at this given moment, it makes sense to me to postpone the California 3 Day Coach Training and provide the telegroup Cultivating an Enlightened Coaching Practice from home on Orcas. Those of you considering the in-person training can register for the telegroup or let me know that you really want an in-person training and I’ll make that happen. For now, the telegroup will begin Wednesday, Oct 16th. The set time is 7:00am – 8:30am PST. This early morning session allows for people in Europe to be present at a reasonable hour. Click here to see more information on this training and contact me if you’d like more information and to register. We will be using www.freeconferencecall.com because its free for all participants (Most international calls are free), and we can record the sessions for your listening pleasure. Contact me to register or to ask questions.

Latest Blog: What are Your Four Truths You Life By?
I was stirred deeply by a documentary movie titled Samsara. Being with the birth, death, rebirth cycle of life is a huge undertaking, and inspired me to be curious about what four truths I live by. Let me know what you think!


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