Hedonism in France? Not Us!

After announcing our June 2019 retreat, the "I’m Giving Up Personal Development" Retreat, I wondered if it sounds as though we are all about hedonism. That we would eat, drink, and mindlessly abuse ourselves to within an inch of our lives. This retreat is just the opposite! Our intention is to mindfully allow the direct and full experience of the kindredness of ourselves with all the glory and beauty life has to offer. On a river boat in France. Because beauty and glory.

Did You Know?

The research of my PhD dissertation, Sailing As a Transformational Experience, revealed that most individuals experienced transformation when they momentarily experienced a oneness with the boat and with nature. They transcended what they believed defined them: relationships, work, power, activities. They expanded their sense of self to include what they once took for granted: beauty, nature, water, wind, sky, clouds, rocks, grass and dirt. They embraced aspects of themselves they hadn’t known existed. And, by doing so they were inspired to live a life that reflected the kindredness of their soul with life. They came to know themselves as their Greater Selves!

This Greater Self recognized the comfort and familiarity of the Divine Essence within, and joyfully began dancing with the Divine Essence of all the Earth’s glories. All the Earth’s glories! The ineffable experience of knowingness was indelibly imprinted on their consciousness. And, as if miraculously, they were then able to make choices in alignment with their highest truths and highest desires . . . no personal development processes necessary.

Wait a Minute, I thought You Always Say Transformation Takes Work!

For some, it is an incredibly fearsome leap of faith to release themselves from a world of constraints and controls where they’re always finding fault + flaws with themselves, and to let go of the need to always be “working” on themselves. But what if there was a secret door to transformation, one that only requires the embracing of one’s Greater Self, while letting all else fall away, even if only for a moment in time?

Imagine, to emancipate yourself from the constant abuse of "I’m not worthy – I’m not enough." To say, "I totally and completely love and honor myself today," and mean it in the most sincere way.

This is the gift that each one of us will inevitable give to ourselves, and this is a most exquisite experience to behold!

What if you could step into this way of being with yourself for more than a moment? What if you could be surrounded by others ready to embrace their own resonance with the glory of life, lovingly supported by someone who has taken this exact leap of faith, safely held & pampered by your floating home on the canals of France?

Heather and I invite you to join us on this simple adventure on a private canal boat in the middle of Burgundy, France. The intention of this adventure? To allow joyful connection of your truest self with the companions on this journey as we meander through some of the most charming and picturesque countryside in Europe. Tasting the region’s freshest foods: cheese, pastries and wine, as well as just nestling into the beauty of each day, marinating in your enoughness and your worthiness of such an adventure. The beauty of it all: You get to choose how active you will be each day – you get to choose how simple life can be because you say so – a retreat indeed!

Click here to know your Greater Self…..

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