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Hello From Across the Pond!
You may not be able to detect it, but these words are written with a Russian Accent. That is a consequence of immersing myself in an environment where the only English spoken is that which was spoken in my ear, by my hostess and translator, Maria Neizvestnaya.
First Impressions of Moscow
There were many surprises upon arriving to Moscow, and it was challenging to follow my own advice; that is, if you are going to immerse yourself in another culture and fully enjoy the unique experience of that culture, just be fascinated and curious without being critical or judgmental “ especially when it comes to, well, to everything.There are always plenty of opportunities to compare one culture aganst another, but I found that by comparing, I lost the moment of wonder “ the "Wow!" moments that are available every second of the day when I can just let go of how it was, or is, or should be, and just be. For instance, in Moscow, cars were parked on sidewalks and any which way on the streets. And, the chaotic flow of traffic scared the crap out of me. I wondered how people could be so "assertive" “ pushing their way in front other vehicles like I’ve never seen. I wondered how a culture creates its ways of being, of moving about, and how it comes to choose to choose what is chooses. Maria said that Italy is the only other country in the world where people drive that way. It was fascinating, to say the least. And, only once did I exclaim out loud "What the F__K!"
As one who studies human behavior and what drives people to choose to choose what they choose, I couldn’t help take into consideration all of the cultural distinctions of Russia “ too many to even begin to list. Its enough to say that you have to experience Moscow to really get the flavor of this truly transitioning city and a country that is emerging out of the depths of a very old and entrenched paradigm.
Facilitating a Training in English to Russian Participants
My time in Russia really was short “ just a few days, and the majority of that time was spent facilitating a transformational coaching training at the Moscow Training Center. Maria is the Director of the Center and a recent graduate from ITP/ Sofia University “ that’s where we met. She had completed the coach training there and worked with me in an online course.
The Moscow Training Center is founded on the organization LifeSpring, a sister-organization of the Landmark Forum. Their focus is personal growth and development. I had no idea the caliber of presence and practice I would meet in this city, so far away from California “ a non-ordinary State, and where personal and spiritual growth opportunities run rampant. It felt as if there were
some umbilical cord attached to from this Center to the Bay Area, California, which I believe to be the Mecca of Transpersonal Psychology. There seemed to be an infusion of the transpersonal and transformational energy to bring lifeblood ( A Life Spring) to this part of the world.Miracles happened left and right throughout those three days of the training. Perhaps they weren’t miracles, but moment after moment, as each individual engaged in playful experimentation with their being human, in relation to reality in general, and to each other more specifically, unanticipated responses occurred. I felt as if I was back on the ITP campus I knew many years ago. Maria and I often shared glances and swooned with delight with what was showing up in the room.
Let Go and Let God!
Though I came fully prepared to facilitate, based on an extensive and detailed outline, what showed up in the room was very different. The intention of the training was to provide tools and skills to enhance the participants coaching capabilities. The synergy of this group, however, inspired far more spontaneous and experiential play, through movement, mandalas, laughter and deep sharing. I was in awe of what can only be described as "a happening.”What I love about the work I do and the level of expertise I’ve developed (Thank you, God!), is that I can allow the energy of the participants, the organization, and the environment within which we are immersed, to inform the facilitation process by the presence of all of it! This is an exquisitely humbling moment; to know I am part of a larger wisdom that is guiding my facilitation. I need only get out of the way and witness the magic, as the moment unfolds. Feeling and sensing into each experience allowed participants to realize the more expanded bandwidth of their humanness, and how it can inform their personal and professional relationships. I’m realizing more and more that people learn just as much “ if not more, through play, creativity and laughter, than by sitting through serious lectures. One specific moment, which was part of a Sunday Morning Meditation, had us all (50 participants and me) experiencing waves of laughter for well over an hour “ I am not kidding you!
Close Encounter of the Finest Kind
One other element of this event I want to share with you, is that very few participants spoke English throughout those three full days of training. Maria translated my words into Russian, and she translated every word spoken in Russian back into English for me. We were within inches of each other throughout the day. And, the truth is that in so many ways, there were few real limits to understanding each other. I feel so lucky to have participated in a truly wonder-full experience in Moscow.
Family Time and More
I’ll be in Scotland for the next couple of weeks visiting my daughter Elissa, Jason, her husband, my sister, Patrice and my two and a half year old grandson, Andrew. I’ve gone from my relatively reclusive life on Orcas to living family style in the City of Glasgow. And, tomorrow, I’ll be participating in a sweat lodge in the Scottish Highlands. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve garnered that have prepared me for so much change. It’s a very good thing!

From Scotland I head to Moldova where I’ll be speaking at the European Transpersonal Conference (#DrRosieETC), then home again to Orcas Island. I continue to work with clients while away. This makes the world feel so small and intimate.


My intention is, and will always be to empower you to bring your fullest expression into the world. If you imagine anyway that our working together will bring this about, contact me, and let’s see what you can create with a committed thinking partner!
Hugs and blessings, as always,

Two New Offerings
You’ve might have noticed that my work as a facilitator and transformational coach has broadened and deepened to utilize the fullest potentiality found within the larger bandwidth of our humanness and within the Oneness of our Being. I believe it is vital and crucial that we cultivate more effective LIFE COACHES, who can truly hold the bandwidth of our larger SELVES within this changing world. So many people are going through personal paradigm shifts and do not have the where-with-all to navigate this unknown territory. They need support! In October, I’m offering two trainings in service of this escalating need. Both are titled Cultivating an Enlightened Coaching Practice. Both trainings are open to experienced coaches, therapists and practitioners who are prepared to create a space for client in need of direct experience and deep self-exploration, in service to what they say they want. Both trainings provide group engagement and interaction. Oriented toward enhancing your coaching practice and increasing the bandwidth of your practice, those attending will strengthen their capacity to work outside the normal paradigm, resourcing Universal Source more effortlessly, and empowering yourself and your clients to appreciate the lived experience of their spiritual journey.
Fee $390.00.
Cultivating an Enlightened Coaching Practice – OnLine. This training will be by a TeleConference Call. Beginning in Wednesday, October 16th, this Course will meet six times over twelve weeks, from 6pm PST to 7:30pm. Depending on the participants’ location, a more convenient time can be arranged. We will use For more information or to register, email me by clicking here, at
Cultivating an Enlightened Coaching Practice – In Person: held in Sunnyvale, California: Beginning Friday October 25 until October 27, from 10-6pm.
I will have more information available on the website shortly, so stay tuned, or email me for more information and to register, by clicking here.
AND??? Moscow in March
Can you imagine being invited to facilitate a women’s retreat in Moscow March 6th, 7th, 8th – International Women’s Day!, and 9th. That’s were you will find me. What an honor to serve this way! If you’d like to be there it would be an absolute treat to have your presence. I’ll have more information available soon. I’ll keep you posted.
With all of the preparations needing to be in place for this trip, writing has taken a back seat. I’ve got something new simmering that will be available next week, but for now, take a look at: People Want Transformation, We Just don’t Want to Change. It may inspire you to step back into deepening your coaching practice. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to reach new capacities to empower people to change, transform and thrive.Another Blog to consider, given the debates regarding the invasion of Syria, is one titled No Peace on Earth. Taking the most expanded perspective that I can, I wonder about the perfection of it all, only in service to providing a plethora of opportunities to change our minds about how to bring about change. The World’s Paradigm is Shifting. We are evolving our consciousness and inviting others to do the same. It’s working – I have no doubt1A Couple of Links You Might Find of Interest
Dr. Faith Galliano Dasai has a beautiful offering atTranspersonal Motherhood.
Faith will be a presenter at the Eurotas Transpersonal Conference in Moldova in a couple of weeks with Aimee Hohn, Steven Schmitz and David Lukoff, and me, all from Sofia University (ITP) and all presenting as well.And, if you haven’t yet found, its a great site for so much regarding personal and spiritual growth.

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