“Doing is the Undoing of Me” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #193

Doing is the Undoing of Me

As I get ever closer to creating 100 podcasts, I wonder if I’m done with these podcasts on Aging Like a Guru. Is it time to stop? Do I want to stop? Should I stop? Should I continue?

There are a lot of emotions that arise as I face this arrival at 100 podcasts. And, additionally, I see myself distracting myself with doing something that takes me out of the discomfort that currently is the state of being for me.

As I witness myself distract myself with any number of things, I realize that I’ve lost the thread of the process that currently needs my attention.

It’s not that I have to have an answer right away to whether I continue with these podcasts or not. It’s only a matter that there is a part of me that requires a listening from me, a presence of me, a quality of embrace that allows for a truth to be expressed that will not be expressed if I distract myself from me.

So what’s the nugget here? Be curious about what shows up when you show up to yourself. Be curious about what you might be open to experiencing just by not getting busy.

Listen in!

– – – –

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