Transformation as an Absolute for Addicts and Mental Health Sufferers

A paradigm shift is occurring in the field of recovery. Staying clean and sober “ regardless of the addiction, can now be recognized as the initial stage of personal transformation. This is not just hype “ this is an absolute!

By shifting our context of recovery from coping with and managing our addictions, to uncovering and healing the deepest source of our addictions, we not only become more self-realized, but we allow self-actualizing to be at the forefront of our intentions.

It is clear in Dr. Rosie Kuhn’s eyes that, each and every one of us is living with multiple addictions, not only in the form of substance abuse or addictive behaviors, but in the form of emotional and mental patternings, which quite often generate the restless, irritable, discontent that fuels addictions.

The myriad of strategies that we’ve developed to ignore, deny, avoid, and distract ourselves from feeling restless, irritable, discontent, have yet to be acknowledged as addictions in and of themselves. We are so addicted to specific patterns of thinking and feeling, in service to avoiding restless, irritable, discontent, that we don’t see these as addictions as well. Knowing this, we can begin to uncover that which is the original source of our addiction. This is very good news for addicts, sufferers of mental health, and all of us who support and empower people to grow into their fullest potential.

This is the first in a series of 4 workshops on Deep Recovery. The recovery field is ready for this next chapter of the recovery process.

Join Dr. Rosie Kuhn for a 2 day introduction to Deep Recovery. Participants will gain information and realizations regarding highly effective strategies for working with addictions and many mental health afflictions.

Dr. Rosie Kuhn, a thought-leader in the fields of transformational coaching and in recovery, has worked in the field of recovery for over 30 years. Initially Dr. Rosie worked as a therapist in Canada, for the Province of Nova Scotia Addiction Services, previously known as the Nova Scotia Commission on Drug Dependency. Now as a transformational coach, Dr. Rosie works with many clients who are at various stages of recovery. Her books “ including Cultivating Spirituality in Children, and Self-Empowerment 101, support readers to acknowledge their relationship with those addictions, habits, and patternings, which limit their capacity to fulfill their human spirit.

This workshop is for everyone working in the fields of mental health and addiction recovery. This includes the people in the process of recovering, sponsors, counselors, addiction coaches and therapists. You will gain insight and tools for supporting and empowering people to empower themselves to fully experience and express their essential nature.

Date and Time: Aug. 13-14, 2016. Registration begins at 8am. Workshop goes from 9-4:00pm

Location: Brainerd, Minnesota

Find Lodging

Fees: $250.00 Early Bird until July 1st.

$275.00 After July 1st

For more information regarding lodging, and to register, contact Jane Brekken. To contact Dr. Rosie Kuhn call 360-376-4323, or email her at

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