“Death by Meditation” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #183


Death by Meditation

I mentioned in previous podcasts that I’ve been meditating using Joe Dispenza’s 55-minute long guided meditation. And you know what I’ve discovered? There is a part of me that fears death through meditation. I remember that I experienced this fear of death through meditation with Gangaji too.

Anticipating the annihilation of self is part of the process of any spiritual path. It’s when you know that the suffering you’ve engaged in all along was manufactured through your own belief system. And, you realize that even though it may feel like a death, it really isn’t. It’s just growing one’s capacity to live in the truth of the sovereignty on one’s true essential nature.

I’m no longer attached the the stories I’ve believed to be the truth of me. So surrendering those stories sometimes feels like a death. Taking on or creating a new belief system feels insane. However, the more I do this practice, the more emancipated I feel. I experience greater strength, courage, and excitement. The fear and anxiousness have transmuted into excitement – mostly!

I also experience a willingness to step into the unknown, anticipating good things rather than bad things. I begin to experience a quickening – a gestation – like a fetus developing in the womb. I become more mindful of self-defeating thoughts and beliefs that previously seemed normal. Now they seem dumb!!! Why would I want to continue to oppress myself the way I have when this causes me suffering and angst? Why not instead go for the extraordinary?!

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