“Cultivating Awareness of How We Create Limits to Our Full Potential” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #197


Cultivating Awareness of How We Create Limits to Our Full Potential

More and more often, I am aware of the times when I trigger anxiousness and worry. Do you see how I owned that I triggered it? I then become aware of the thought that is habitual, which is founded on the belief that something is wrong and needs to be fixed – and that that something that is wrong is caused by me – and I need to try and control what I broke or what I caused to break or be wrong.

In the middle of the night, when I have a triggering thought after hours of peaceful sleep, I have trained myself to be able to be aware of what just transpired, of what took me from peaceful presence to anxiousness, as well as to be more responsive to it in the moment. What happens is that I have a thought, and I follow that thought into my worst fears – more thoughts!

Because I’ve been training myself over and over again to be mindful and aware of what thoughts cause restless, irritable discontent, I’m able now to stop that trajectory of thought. I’m able to pivot, or to switch my thinking pattern to that which I now know to be my highest truth and knowing – that nowhere in my list of spiritual principles is there any mention of the value of anxiousness, worry, or fear. They don’t live within my spiritual truth. At this point of awareness, I can choose to remove myself from that old line of thinking, “disappearing” the anxiousness all together.

A few months ago I began a new hobby of keeping fish. As any new fish keeper will tell you, fish get stressed easily and can die. Sure enough, I experienced this, losing all of my tiny blue shrimp and a couple of my fish. I was in anguish and despair. I felt totally responsible for their demise, and totally helpless to do anything about it.

I continually study good fish keeping practices and have become somewhat more confident. And, yet, my fish are developing issues that, although normal for the hobby, still cause the fish and me a lot of stress.

But I’m no longer triggering myself into anguish and despair. Though I’m concerned and am being responsible as best I can, I now choose to take a different perspective of myself and this hobby.

I realized that I need to respond with confidence, respecting that I am being responsible and doing the best I can. I can drive myself crazy if I continue to pummel myself with thoughts of “pathetic, inept loser.” Instead, I’m learning to see myself and my fish differently, so I can derive more joy from the experience.

This is also true with my dog Gracie, who is going through a few days of digestion problems. I can be responsible and calm without worry and guilt. I’m trusting that I’m doing the best I can with all the resources available to me.

These are practices that train me to continually come back to the spiritual principles that can guide me towards freedom and liberation from that mindset of limitations that was the only reality for most of my life. Hallelujah!

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