“Crisis of Meaning Crisis of Faith” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, Podcast #197

Crisis of Meaning, Crisis of Faith

Though I’ve experienced a lot of major accomplishments in my life, I live as if I’ve not really accomplished anything important or of merit. Though I’ve finished my PhD, sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, written 13 books, and done lots of other stuff, and, though I’ve loved a lot and made some really hard choices in the name of love, my inner world, as I experience it, says that I’ve not amounted to anything. It may sound incredulous, but I feel as if I’ve not yet accomplished that one thing that will make me say “YES! I DID IT!!”

In the most recent podcasts, I’ve been encouraging you to be curious enough to ask some really hard questions – essentially – how did you come to be the you that you are in this moment? So, of course, I’ve been asking myself the same questions and, more importantly, I’ve been answering them!

Sometimes, developing the skill of sleuthing is invaluable in uncovering answers to such questions. Like Sherlock Holmes, one can cultivate the uncanny ability to see value in what seems to be unimportant. In doing so, I’ve come to solve many mysteries in my life, just by staying in the sleuth mode. It’s fun. That is why I love being a Life Coach. I love empowering people to sleuth for themselves so they discover the hidden truths that keep them from having the extraordinary life they dream of.

Most of us will experience a crisis of meaning or a crisis of faith at least once in our lives. We know them as a mid-life crisis generally, though they can occur at any time in life. It takes presence of mind, body, heart and spirit to sleuth one’s way forward through such a crisis. From my perspective and experience it’s imperative for each of us to do that, if we wish to age like a guru. Even if we wish do die in peace it requires some sense of knowing ourselves and what brings joy and meaning to us.

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