My client Stephanie needs to create a pitch to a potential client. She is bright, creative, and loves supporting her clients in making magic happen. However, when it comes to delivering her pitch, she sometimes collapses into a puddle of self-doubt and fears of rejection. Stephanie wants to make sure that doesn’t happen this time, so she’s come into our coaching session with this at the top of her wish list!

"Magic exists," she says. "I know this 100%! And, I love to jump into a project with exuberance and anticipation of amazing things happening for my clients. This is my superpower! But, some people don’t see it the way I do, and I’m afraid my delivery won’t land. They won’t get it, and worse then that, they won’t get me. I’ll be rejected. But I no longer want to play small. That doesn’t serve my clients. I want to be who I am and bring my best always. And, I know when I deliver the magic, magic happens!"

Listening to Stephanie makes my heart soar. This isn’t just fluffy woo-woo rhetoric for Stephanie This is the big T – TRUTH of who she is and what she brings to her clients, as well as to her friends, family and community. Boy are they Lucky!!!

What needs to shift so Stephanie delivers her pitch in a way that allows her to maintain her conviction and commitment to serving her clients as the extraordinary person she is?

She has to BELIEVE!!!

Okay, I know that you are going to say, "Yes, but she already believes!" You are right! And…. Though Stephanie believes that magic exists, she doesn’t yet believe that magic exists for everyone! And, because she doesn’t yet believe that magic exists for everyone, she shrinks and gets all muddled with disbelief.

Enter her Fairy Godmother!

Many years ago, I realized, as a transformational coach who truly empowers people to create a paradigm shift for themselves, I am, in essence, their Fairy Godmother. I found then, and still find now, that when sharing this with new clients, something "magical" happens. They immediately drop their constricted adult-self and return to their child-like innocence.

In this state, everything is possible!

And goals and objectives for the coaching that is about to occur grows beyond limited thinking, allowing for so much more potential to be realized. Wonder, magic and heartfelt desires are given voice. The true work of making magic begins. It’s called by many names: transformation and paradigm shifts are just a couple; but truly, it is magic in the making.

So, I shared with Stephanie that I see myself as a Fairy Godmother, and that every single one of my clients, regardless of who they are and what they do, experiences a shift the moment that I tell them I’m their Fairy Godmother. I see it and feel it– that in that moment they’ve returned to believing in magic!

"Everyone believes in magic, Stephanie. We just have to create the opportunity for them to remember that they believe in magic!"

With that, something shifted in Stephanie, too! By realizing that everyone believes in magic, although they too often forget that they believe in magic, Stephanie could use her superpowers to revitalize that belief within them. She became elated!

To make magic happen in the world, the most essential ingredient is believing beyond a shadow of a doubt that magic exists. Believing that, outside of the limiting thinking, the worries and fears compounded by all the uncertainties of our current lives, miracles and wonders are still everywhere, always. They exist within each and everyone of us. We just have to be willing to put our own superpowers to work, making the impossible possible. That’s what magic is – right?

Stephanie, for me, represents the message of the Holidays. BELIEVE in magic. Believe that there is nothing impossible. Believe that there is a Universal Power or Presence or a Person who always guides us to create miracles. Believe that our world is full of wonder. And most importantly, believe that each of us can empower ourselves to create everlasting peace and love everywhere, always.

We just have to Believe!

Thank you Stephanie! Merry Christmas!

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