Before You Take That First Step Towards Parenting Like a Guru

article-1300368-0AAF7903000005DC-463_634x383Stepping onto the spiritual path called parenting requires that you clarify, for yourself, not only what is compelling enough to step on the path, but what is compelling enough to keep you walking on that path.

People are often inspired to take that first step because it sounds exciting, feels exhilarating, and worthy of the commitment. Few follow through with the second, third, or fourth step. Why? Because it gets scary when we begin to stretch beyond our comfort zone. We begin to feel the discomfort of the reorientation that is naturally occurring as part of growing and shifting our awareness and our consciousness.

So, we have to know the truest desire that is within us that will have us step, one day at a time, towards what we truly wish to experience, for ourselves and for our children.

A client of mine, Sherry, who has many challenges communicating with her husband, shared that, what she wants for her children, is a capacity to clearly and openly speak their own thoughts, feelings, needs and wants.
Sherry sees how she currently isn’t a good role model of that ability; she feels too intimidated by her husband’s judging looks to openly talk with him about what it’s like to be her. And, she now sees that her commitment to raise children who can share themselves easily is what will have her practice speaking more clearly to her husband about who she is and what is really true for her.

Just for today, bring some thought to what is truly important to you, as a person and a parent that is compelling enough to have you step onto the path to parent like a guru, with full heartfelt commitment and dedication.

What is it that is worthy of the fulfillment of your human spirit, as a parent, grandparent, or guardian, that will keep you putting one foot in front of the other? What is worthy of the personal stretching and the potential discomfort that may follow, which will keep you walking your talk? The answers to these questions will empower you to stay inspired and committed to bring about transformation in yourself, and support and empower every child’s spirit to soar.

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As a life and spiritual coach, I’d be honored to support you in this process of parenting like a guru. Please contact me for how we can make that happen.

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