“Be the Legacy You Wish to Leave Behind” Aging Like a Guru – Who Me? With Dr. Rosie Kuhn Podcast #121

Be the Legacy You Wish to Leave Behind

The topic of Legacies is a big one as part of the aging process. What will you leave behind for your family, community or the world at large? Wills, trusts, foundations, charities all are in line for your financial treasure.

We all want to be remembered after we’re gone. Personally, because I have children and a grandson, I want to leave a legacy for them. What will it be?

Initially, I decided that I want to leave them a connection with nature, because for me that’s one of the most important relationships we have on Earth: our connection to Earth herself. But Nature may not have the same sense of importance to them as it does to me.

After meditating more on my personal legacy, it has become apparent to me that the legacy of love and kindness are really the most important gifts to leave behind.

Think about it: so many people come to coaching because they feel unfulfilled. Through coaching they hope to figure out their life purpose: the legacy they wish to leave behind when they die. "I want to do something that will leave the world better than when I got here,” some say. They think it’s something they have to do – some service or product they will create in order to leave their mark on the world.

The kind of life coaching I do empowers people to untether themselves from their interpretations about themselves and the world, in order to empower themselves to see what is theirs to do. Most of us have a huge amount of resistance to seeing that the way we see ourselves and the world is the foundation of what is possible in regards to the fulfillment of their human-spirit. Their resistance slows them down, and, too often, they are frustrated because it takes longer than they thought.

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius says, "To thine own self be true." To strip away anything that is not self will reveal not only who we are, but also enable the experience of serenity and peace with who we are. We experience peace with everyone else too.

That’s a pretty valuable legacy to leave behind, don’t you think?

Whether through spiritual practices, work, therapy, coaching, life lessons in general, if we willingly reveal who we are, then we have less investment in how others will see us. We are less concerned with being vulnerable to attack or rejection and just be who we are. We stop thinking about who we want to be and how we want to be and instead focus on who we are in this moment. We discover a place within where peace resides.

Passing this on can only empower others to do the same. Therefore, this is the legacy I wish to pass on to the world. Be Peace!

What will your legacy be?

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