“Self-Empowerment is Required for Spiritual Awakening” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #114


Self-Empowerment is Required for Spiritual Awakening

Many of us hope that just by reading spiritual material, listening to spiritual teachers speak spiritual material, or just meditating itself will bring about spiritual evolution. Truth is, cognition and mentalizing the theories of spiritual development alone won’t bring you into alignment with your highest truth and knowing.

So many of us want to be more spiritual, and we want to live in the truths that we preach to others. But most of us are afraid to directly engage with ourselves and our principles. I find that fascinating.

It is essential that each of us empower ourselves to choose and then to act upon the choices we make. Self-empowerment is essential for any incremental development to occur. You can think about it, read about it, and listen to others talk about it, but if you are not practicing in exercising and experimenting with the spiritual ideas you have, then you won’t make the kind of progress you are hoping for.

That’s right: you and I have to walk our talk!!!

Listen in and then please share your perspective with me on my Facebook page!

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