“I Feel So Alone!” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #133


I Feel So Alone!

Even though millions of people are simultaneously experiencing themselves in a spiritual immersion process, we tend to feel so alone in our own little world.

Even though millions of books are available, millions of videos and podcasts, thousands of Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual Coaches are available for support, as we go through our own journey, we tend to feel like there is no one else doing what we are doing. Why?

Each of us, in solitude, has to discover for ourselves who it is that is within us. We can only know ourselves through our own direct experience with ourselves. Who is in me, how I be me, how I do me, is unlike anyone else on the planet.

My own personal work, and these podcasts, can only suggest ways that have been part of my experience. I can share what I’ve learned from other spiritual teachers, but you have to realize for yourself who you are, how to do you and be you, by yourself. It’s pretty amazing I think!

Listen in and then please share your perspective with me on my Facebook page!

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