Wonders Never Cease

About 25 years ago, my friend Joan came to my home to do an energy clearing. She had a lot of experience in Feng Shui and other techniques for bringing harmony and balance to people and spaces. She offered to come do a clearing in my new abode and I took her up on it! Thanks Joan!


While Joan worked with dowsing rods to uncover and clear specific energies in my home, I was enchanted and mesmerized by what I witnessed. If you’ve ever seen or played with dowsing rods, or perhaps a pendulum, you know what I’m talking about. Invisible electro-magnetic energies become evident through dowsing. It’s been used for thousands of years to find water, ore and other stuff.


I was fascinated enough with what I witnessed that I took a weekend retreat in personal and space clearing. Since then, clearing myself of unwanted energies has been a daily practice.


The Skeptic and Nay-Sayer 

At the same time, there is a skeptic and nay-sayer inside my head, who always has something to say, especially when I follow an intuition, a knowing or calling—anything that resides outside the box. “It’s all a waste of time!” she says. Every time I dowse—again, this over two decades, this skeptic within says, “What the heck are you doing this for? You know it’s not really working. You are making it all up!” For all of my life, she has been an unrelenting constant presence and spokesperson for No-F-ing Way! Unrelenting, indeed!


Astrology, Fairies and Other Weird Stuff 

Most of us experience weird stuff all the time throughout our lives. Synchronicities, seeing color where colors shouldn’t be (Auras), or feeling fairies around when there is no physical evidence of their presence, are just a few of what we experience that goes way beyond the happy place of the skeptic.


There are numerous Divining Techniques that, when practiced, bring the skeptic out to play. The I-Ching, Numerology—it doesn’t matter. For her, it goes against all the training and logic of a three dimensional reality. So, in essence, to her, it doesn’t really exist—it’s all made up!


When my friend Trish lost her dog Juno, to cancer, it was a real heartbreak for her. But, shortly after Juno’s passing, Trish felt compelled to visit the animal shelter. There, she met Pedro, a rescue dog from Mexico. Instantly, Trish fell in love with Pedro, and Pedro fell in love with Trish. “I have no doubt that Juno brought Pedro to me.” Trish says. There is no doubt in her bones that this is absolutely true. This, is a wonder-full moment for Trish and for all of us who are fortunate enough to now know this story. 


Now, Trish doesn’t live in woo-woo land. She’s a pretty pragmatic individual. So, to hear her be so emphatic about something so weird and wonder-full, we’ll, it’s a bit shocking!


What’s Your Point, Rosie?

Here’s my point: With all the sucky things reported in the news, all the challenges we are facing personally and globally, the weird and wonder-full aspects of LIFE gets lost, ignored, and skepticized. And, yet, wonders never cease! They are everywhere always. And, the more we allow them to fully participate in our evolution of self and the consciousness of the planet, the more amazingness and wonder will arise. This is where transformation, miracles and paradigm shifts occur. This is where alchemy and impossible inventions come to life. This is where not only hope springs eternal, it’s where what is hoped for is realized!!!


Wonders Never Cease

When I look at where I live and how I live, it’s a wonder that any of it is possible. I live on an Island in the PNW, and am able to converse with clients all over the world. I can FaceTime my family at a whim, and I can know the weather in Eastsound, just by saying, ”Alexa, what’s the weather forecast?” When I was born, television was a new technology. Somehow, what was absolutely impossible is not only possible, it is!!!


I’m so grateful to live in Knowing that wonders and miracles are always and everywhere. The challenge is to quiet the skeptic and naysayer. Her perspective is built upon lifetimes of training to fear and reject what’s outside the box. She isn’t wrong—she’s just tenacious at questioning what, in her mind, doesn’t make sense. I’m in the habit of letting her have her say. However, I’m at the point where I now say, “Enough!”


This is where I’m at—practicing saying “Enough” to that skeptic within. I add, as an offering to her of a peaceful resolution, “If you have another way to look at this, that refutes the evidence and experiences I’ve accumulated over my lifetime of the reality of a world beyond form and structure, bring it on!!” Interestingly, she doesn’t have anything to say.


My intention is to become more conscious of the wonders that never cease. I want to—and need to allow more wonder and miracles into my life. I also want to explore all the cracks and crevices, where the skeptic hides out. She’s a wonder unto herself. And, the more I get to know her too—as a wonder, well, I have no doubt more magic and wonder will arise!!

I would love to hear your comments, questions and feedback. 

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