Who Do I know Myself to Be?

Let me first say that you are a rare indi­vid­ual, indeed, to read a piece on spir­i­tu­al­iz­ing your human­ity. Maybe you didn’t know that’s what this arti­cle is about. Now you do, and that makes you rare!

We think about our­selves as spir­i­tual beings, yet more often than not we live our lives as if the oppo­site were true. Many of us say we believe in a Universal Source “ Oneness, who is always lov­ing and who always pro­vides for us in every way pos­si­ble. Yet we often act from fear-based ideas, beliefs and inter­pre­ta­tions; the scarcity model. Though we say we know we are loved and pro­vided for, we con­tin­u­ally act as if we couldn’t trust a soul “ seen or unseen.

My per­sonal expe­ri­ence and my expe­ri­ence as a life and busi­ness coach tell me that we don’t really use our intel­li­gence much in our every­day endeav­ors. If we did, we would con­struct a prac­tice that fully engages our think­ing, our rea­son­ing and rea­son­abil­ity “ not the ones we’ve cul­ti­vated as an egoic per­son, but from the spir­i­tual prin­ci­ples we espouse, advo­cate and cham­pion. We’d dis­tin­guish false assump­tions and those beliefs we’ve immersed our­selves in, and we’d erad­i­cate them from our data­base of plau­si­ble and val­ued truths. We would study “ seri­ously study “ the qual­ity of expe­ri­ence we are hav­ing and care­fully dis­cern why it is the way it is, as opposed to the way we dream it to be.

Spiritual Intelligence is all inclu­sive of the intel­li­gence we use to choose; to drive on the right side of the road; to put our under­wear on in the right direc­tion; to con­verse intel­li­gently and pro­fes­sion­ally with poten­tial clients, bosses and co-worker, fam­ily mem­bers, etc. We know how to be intel­li­gent, but some­times we choose to not use our intel­li­gence. And, by choos­ing not to use our intel­li­gence, our lives become unman­age­able, chaotic and out of control.

We for­get to be intelligent

Most of us just pay lip ser­vice to our spir­i­tual prin­ci­ples, often liv­ing within our egoic minds, pon­tif­i­cat­ing what we know in the­ory, but which we avoid in actual expe­ri­ence. So many of us take the spir­i­tual bypass, which makes us think that just because we per­ceive our­selves to be spir­i­tual we don’t have to actu­ally immerse our­selves in the human expe­ri­ence. We don’t have to get messy out on the play­ing field in the game of life.

The process of ascend­ing the lad­der of spir­i­tual growth demands full respon­si­bil­ity for one’s own spir­i­tual devel­op­ment. There are no free rides. Each of us has to do our own work, dili­gently, with vig­i­lance and total engage­ment in the process of exer­cis­ing mus­cles of spir­i­tual intel­li­gence. We have to begin by clar­i­fy­ing what we want, and being dread­fully truth­ful about where we are in the process of bring­ing action to self-realizations.

In ser­vice to this process, I’ve devel­oped on six week online course begin­ning September 18, called Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence: An Introduction. This six-week course pro­vides a con­tainer of time and space within which to explore and exper­i­ment with your spir­i­tual intel­li­gence, in rela­tion to what you’ve been taught and what you’ve come to believe is true. There will be plenty of oppor­tu­ni­ties to stretch your cog­ni­tive, emo­tional and somatic intel­li­gence in ser­vice to cul­ti­vat­ing spir­i­tual intelligence.

This course will bring clar­ity and under­stand­ing about what you as spir­i­tual being is doing in this human body. You are here, as we all are, to expe­ri­ence the exquis­ite­ness of what can­not be expe­ri­enced any­where else in the Universe. And, as it becomes clearer to each us that we’ve cho­sen to be here and we’ve cho­sen based on a know­ing of a much greater cos­mic con­scious­ness, then we are far more likely to actively par­tic­i­pate in the grand adven­ture of life.

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