My Big Little Secret

I’m just going to come right out and say it:

I’ve been using a pendulum as part of my daily spiritual practice for over 20 years. What?????

My intention in sharing my secret with you in this moment is two fold:
1) My experience is that dowsing, as a practice of clearing energies, is essential to attending to the well-being of my whole being, and it’s time for you to know that, too!
2) Until today, I didn’t have anyone to refer you to, if you were interested in learning proper dowsing for yourself. Today, that all changed.

My dear friend and colleague, Elizabeth Sabet, will be teaching a 2-part Virtual Intuition Development & Pendulum Workshop beginning July 22nd, 2021. Here is the link:  I highly recommend her workshops!

And, I wanted to share how important dowsing can be as part of a spiritual practice for you. Here’s a bit of my story in relation to dowsing. For those who are curious, keep reading!

In the Beginning…

Many years ago, my friend Joan Green came to our new house to perform a house clearing. This means that she came over to clear out energies and unseen beings hanging around the house that energetically “mess with” those of us in physical form. I watched her dowsing tool — a pendulum and L-Rod — spin and shift in different directions as it was directing her to areas of the house that held unwanted energies. Captivated, I observed as the L-Rod indicated the clearing, and then the completion of the clearing.

I had never witnessed anything like this before, and I was fascinated to say the least! I had to know more! Joan was generous with her time and shared the rudimentary practices of dowsing, and suggested I do a weekend training with her teacher, Eric Dowsett.

You bet I attended those trainings with Eric Dowsett, in personal and space clearing! And ever since then I use a pendulum to clear myself two, three, and four times a day. Why?

Because, I know that the physical body is only about 1% of who we are in our totality. And, understanding that then brought about the desire to clear myself as thoroughly as I could. To me, if I omitted this type of clearing, it would be like washing my big toe, but ignoring the rest of me.

Over the years of clearing, I’ve cultivated greater degrees of awareness of, for instance, when my energy field is gunked up with negative energies and entities that interfere with my alignment with my highest knowing, my highest truth, and my highest good. In those moments, I’m not able to be clear of emotional clutter, nor am I able to discern fact from fiction. Thus, clearing the gunky energies has been intrinsic and beneficial to all levels of my well-being!

Another part of my clearing practice is to work privately with Elizabeth Sabet, who actually helped write the book on pendulum clearing, with Dale Olsen.  Her sensitivities and level of expertise brings a level of support to me and my spiritual-upleveling process that I KNOW wouldn’t occur without her level of presence to that part of me that I, myself, have no access to. While I can clear that 1% myself, she is able to work with the other 99%. How great is that!!

What about divination?

For me, working with a pendulum isn’t about reading into the future. It’s about using the pendulum to clear myself of what my friend Diane Thorson calls “bogies.” I also use it to test sensitivities to food and environments, and when I’m unsure about something I’m communicating in my writing. Through ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions, I can get clear, concise answers for myself about what I’ve written and how aligned it is to the big T Truth.

I could go on and on about my relationship with my pendulum and with my practice of finger dowsing, but for now I will simply end by saying it is a profound way to communicate with the unseens that can benefit each one of us on many levels.

There are several YouTube videos available on the subject, too. I highly recommend being curious about this science.

As Elizabeth says, “It is the science of how one substance interacts with another, and the signals and charges created when they interact.  It is a science about the mind, truth, and the ego.”

If you’re ready to learn this science yourself, sign up for Elizabeth’s pendulum training before it fills up!

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