“I Am Responsible for My Own Life” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #115


I Am Responsible for My Own Life

There is a wonderful and empowering moment that occurs when we really get the degree to which we are empowered and responsible for creating the life we want.

So often we have to look at those beliefs that act as constraints, limiting our capacity to have the life we say we want to have. In this moment we have the ability to change those beliefs.

What’s necessary is taking it seriously that each of us is responsible for the degree of happiness, love, and prosperity we experience in our lives. That’s huge!

Many of you may choose to argue with me on this point. I’m good with that! However, will that argument get any of us closer to what we say we want? I’d rather consider all the ways that I am responsible for limiting my beliefs, my perceptions, my imagining, so that I can see where the limitations showing up in my life are mine and not due to certain conditions of my environment or culture.

I can at least take responsibility for what I can choose to change for myself, or not! Either way, I can rest assured that I’m taking responsibility for my life and accepting the ways I choose to limit possibility.

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