“Gender, Race, Color, Religion Exists Within Spirit” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #161


Gender, Race, Color, Religion Exists Within Spirit

Social justice issues stir the residue of hate that we’ve experienced within our lives, our ancestors’ lives, and within the collective unconscious.

That hate within each of us is sourced in fear. We hear that all the time. However, that fear may not be conscious, but it is there. That hate is sourced in vengeance for actions done against us or others to whom we have loyalties. That hate is sourced in righteousness – an eye for an eye. That hate is sourced in ignorance.

Here’s a spiritual practice to take on: The social justice movement begins with me.

I have to take responsibility for all the ways I’ve ever hated, and, in truth, I’ve hated a lot of people over nearly 70 years. That is a lot of hate! I have to take responsibility for all the ways I’ve been unforgiving. For all the ways I’ve righteously judged and condemned another, convinced they were less than, or not enough. And, I have to take responsibility for the hate I feel towards myself, for my differences, for my lacks, for my failures.

This source of my hate lives within my powerlessness and experiences when I had no control over my life or reality. I hated that I was treated with disdain and ignorance. And, I learned to treat myself with disdain and ignorance. The cycle of hate goes ’round and ’round.

Here’s another spiritual practice to take on: The source of love exists within me too.

As I take responsibility for my hate, something happens within me that shifts me to experience more compassion, more forgiveness, more acceptance of differences. Love becomes accessible.

When we march and protest, we are saying things have to change. We want people, politics, education, government, to change. By sitting with ourselves in the stillness of our room, we begin to take accountability for all the ways we hate – all the ways we put hate into the world, all the ways we experience within ourselves the hate we live with. All the ways we express negativity are generated by hate. We have to take inventory of all the ways we personally express negativity within our lives.

Each of us has experienced a personal annihilation of the innocent being within by the thoughts, words, and actions of others. That annihilation fuels either oppression, or hate, or both. When left unacknowledged, it generates more of the same.

Most of us are in denial of our own oppression, our own anger, our own despair at having been treated with ignorance, neglect, or contempt. We are also in denial of the degree to which we carry the wounds, the trauma, and the contempt of our ancestors. Each of us are required to come out of denial and own our own expression of hate, unforgiveness, as well as powerlessness.

Sooner or later, we will make the choice to go within and be with all that we wish to ignore.

Social Justice begins with me.

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