“Expecting Failure” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #182


Expecting Failure

Shifting the patterns of how we perceive ourselves is probably the most challenging practice there is. I anticipate problems. I anticipate failure. I anticipate things going wrong. So I procrastinate doing things I’ve never done before! Even the simplest things, like gluing a plant to a rock in my aquarium. I watch YouTube videos, and following the how-to’s could be easier. However I’m sure, in my mind, that I’ll blow it!

I’ve come far enough on my path to be conscious of these patterns and to train myself to ask the question: Do you really want to continue this way when you know you have a choice?

Coming to greater degrees of the awareness that I have choice and then to exercise choice takes courage and strength. It brings to me certain underlying truths that I’ve been living with and that keep me stuck in where I’m at, such as:

It’s better to do things wrong or half-assed and anticipate failure than to do things correctly and still anticipate failure! Humiliation for never being able to get it right – even when it’s right!

Where ever you are on your path, you will inevitably be required to do the heavy lifting of changing your beliefs — especially those beliefs that you think are just ‘who you are!’

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