Empowering People to Empower Themselves is Ridiculously Expansive and Hugely Rewarding

All is unfolding perfectly, as is the way of the Universe. At times, I’d like it to be different, yet when I step out of my own self-importance and look at the bigger picture, I know its all good and I become grateful for the way that it is.
I love being back in the saddle again, in regard to creating and facilitating trainings. Three days in Moscow, One Day and then a Three Day Training in San Jose, CA; I think the world is more ready for us to be cultivating enlightenment and to be empowering each other to do the same.
We rarely take in the grandness of fact that our essential self is, at this moment, the highest evolved expression of our individual souls. In this moment we are the most evolved, authentic, unrestrained, unconditional and unfiltered expressions of our truest selves. Acknowledging this is critical to the un-concealing of, and alignment with, our highest knowing, which is always inspired to express and bring to the world its highest and best contribution. At no other time have we had such consciousness and choices available to us. More and more the world is uniting in fulfillment of the realization that we are Oneness and Universal Potentiality. Its a good time to be alive!

The practice of being a transformational coach not only cultivates awareness of the essential self in others, but it has been a huge experience of growing for me. As I listen to my clients, I listen within, and reveal this Self in a way that elevates its significance to prime importance in me! When coaches, therapists, managers and leaders begin to tap into their essential selves, they effortlessly inspire others to discover and live into the quality of being that naturally arises through authentic living. It feels generative and profoundly empowering. And, we wonder why we hadn’t practiced this sooner.

The self-discovery process that comes with empowering people to empower themselves is ridiculously expansive and hugely rewarding. I guess that’s why I keep doing it. I didn’t think it could be this fun!

August 9th, in San Jose, I’ll be facilitating a one day workshop/training to those of you interested in expanding your bandwidth of coaching, therapy and leadership. This is an intensive in cultivating intelligence through self-study, deep listening and the practice of curiosity. Every aspect of Life “ including Business, Health, Spirituality and Relationship, is responsive to the foundational practices found within a transformational practice.

This one day training is oriented towards developing a more expansive bandwidth within which to engage with those you empower. Those attending will strengthen their capacity to work outside the current, fear-based paradigm, resourcing Universal potentiality more effortlessly, and empowering individuals to appreciate the lived experience of their human journey called life. For more information and to register, call me at 360-376-4323, click here, or go to www.theparadigmshifts.com/upcoming-events/.

Some of you received the Pre-Flight Checklist that I offered in my last newsletter (If you’d like one, contact me). One of the foundations of this checklist is moving only when inspired to do so. You may wonder if this is a good business strategy. I can tell you, from my own experience, that it is an amazingly valuable way to manage a business. In Nisargardatta’s book: I AM THAT, he uses the phrase: The pragmatics of limitless being. I LOVE THIS! Its the best framing of the work I do as a transformational coach. Stretching ourselves into the potentiality of a paradigm based on Universal Oneness, well, its a very challenging and rewarding practice. The practicalities of growing a business as a limitless being requires constant attention to the more expanded self; beyond the ego, beyond self-importance. It requires faith and practice to discern truth from falsehood. Just like all other business strategies, in order to be effective, it requires discipline to live and act in alignment with one’s highest truth and one’s highest good. For me, my truth has to be compelling enough to walk the talk. Its an ongoing lesson in humility, compassion and self-love.

The reason I share this with you is that, through the practice of acting only when inspired to do so, I’ve begun a fifth book – YIKES! I didn’t know I had it in me. Its called Spiritual Immersion: Taking the Plunge (Copyrighted 2013). Also, a card deck I’ve been working on for years is coming into form. With the support of the Artist Margaret Lindsey, and Graphic Designer Maureen O’Neill, this deck, currently called: Cards of Self-Empowerment (Copyrighted 2013) may be ready by Christmas. Following inspiration has allowed me to spontaneously contact many wonderful people who’ve paved the way for the work I’ll be doing in Europe and California. Bottom line? Surrender the mental precepts of what you should be doing to grow yourself and your business, and listen to your inspiration and your intuition.

Through writing, coaching, teaching and speaking: my intention is to empower you to bring your fullest expression into the world. It you imagine anyway that our working together will bring this about, contact me, and let’s see what we can work out!

As always, I send you blessings and hugs,

Rosie and Gracie

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