“Discerning Where the Dissonance Lives” Spiritual Immersion – Taking the Plunge, with Dr. Rosie Kuhn, #138


Discerning Where the Dissonance Lives

Did you know? We are multidimensional and multilayered beings. Beings made up of energy that is translated into what appears to be physical matter – emotions – e-motions, mental thoughts – energy, or just energy itself. And each has it’s own level of expression. So as we step into this self-discovery process, we become more aware of all the different ways energy expresses itself through us.

Discerning how the energy is expressing itself, where it resides, and that it has been triggered into expression, can all be challenging to be with. And, it is all natural and normal within a spiritual immersion process.

It is helpful to have support from a coach, spiritual guide or therapist, especially when you are unsure how to be with any one part of this process. Though you will become highly competent and supporting and empowering of yourself, it is still wise to have support handy just in case you are needing a thinking partner. Even I always have one!

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