Can I Get A Witness

Well, I have to say that you, my dear reader, have been a witness to my highs and lows, my ups and downs for almost two decades now. Is that possible?!

These newsletters, as well as my website, blog posts, books, podcasts and now YouTube videos, are all testaments of one person’s journey through the messiness and the yahoo’s of life. Thanks for being that witness for me! It’s a wonderful thing to have the experience of trust in one’s listeners.

Recently I began offering YouTube Live videos, where I’m connected to an unseen audience that I only know exists by the number on the screen and by those who participate in conversation with me through the chat! Somewhat like connecting with you here. I know you are out there, and I trust you are listening to the degree that you are. And, I just keep sharing my experiences, my truths, and my revelations with you no matter what. The "why" of that is beyond me – I just keep doing it!

Part of the "why" is that all of the ways I’ve practiced articulating and listening to myself publicly have brought me great joy! All of what I’ve mentioned above – the books, the blogs and podcasts, etc., have been tools which empower and support me to know myself better. And, it’s important to me to share these expressions of myself, just because it is. And now I’m doing it LIVE. JEESH!

Vulnerable and Exposed

Regardless of my experience with Podcasts, books, etc, these LIVES take me to a new level of YIKES! Having to stretch my comfort zone to "walk my talk," to the next level, really puts my back against the wall to show up as my word.

What I mean is, as the transformational coach, the cheerleader, the fairy godmother, the thinking partner that I say I am for you, I also have to take that leap of faith and be that for myself too. I have to do what I’m encouraging for you: Allow yourself to experience that which you say you want to experience!

So I’ve been doing it! And it’s uncomfortable! I feel vulnerable and exposed. I’m being me, sharing me, and experiencing me – all at the same time. And, I’m liking what I’m seeing.

As I’m editing the pre-recorded videos, I see this person (me) saying what she’s saying, being who she’s being, and I like her! No, I really like her!! If I didn’t know her I’d want to know her. That’s a fascinating experience to have with myself. It’s actually a wonderful experience to be having with myself!

It’s the same with the YouTube Lives, except here it’s in the midst of the moment that I catch myself and witness myself as I light up from within! It’s one thing to experience me in these conversations, yet it’s another to visibly witness myself connected, engaged, and immersed in the experience of Being Me! I see me when I am in the moment, one with the listener, animated, exhilarated, playful, relaxed, in the unknown and the uncertainty of what will come – no attachment to the outcome. As a witness to others, it is an amazing gift to witness myself as that person I always wanted to be: real, authentic, transparent, lighthearted – enjoying the moment when I tune into both the audience and the Source. I just show up and be ME! Resonating through the Core of my Being. How cool is that?!

Through all of my works, whether it’s as a transformational coach, writer, YouTuber – go figure, I want for you what I’ve experienced with myself. I want you to have that knowing of you as the fullest expression of your essential self. I want you to bask in the delight of enjoying who you are while doing what you love to do. The journey is so worth the devotion and dedication. There is absolutely nothing like experiencing yourself in authentic presence.

My work empowers and supports each and every individual to acknowledge and appreciate every accomplishment of their lives. More importantly, it empowers all of us to own what it takes to bring accomplishments to fruition, the courage to know one’s conviction, and the strength to be tenacious and persistent until they have fulfilled their human spirit.

Thank you for being a witness for me. Thank you for listening to and seeing me. Thank you for witnessing me in this particular blog as I acknowledge and appreciate my gifts and the mastery I’ve achieved, as I’ve come to realize that no one can or should do it for me.

And I invite you, dear reader, to do the same for yourself: allow yourself to be witnessed in your authenticity, and then celebrate the heck out of yourself for all the ways that you have grown, the ways you’ve let your light shine, and the mastery you have gained in the process.

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