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Before Enlightenment—Cook Meals, Do Laundry. After Enlightenment—Cook Meals, Do Laundry. (A Modern Take on an Old Zen Proverb)

My client, Badrah, a Pakistani woman living with her husband and two teenage sons in Texas, has traveled through the depths of depression to exhilarating moments of enlightenment. She is not committed to enlightenment, only to relieving the suffering of depression and anxiety.   Badrah began working with me almost two years ago, not only to find answers to her suffering but also to train with me to be a transformational coach. Weaving training with personal work allows her to experience self-empowerment where only self-deprecation lived for so long. Much like for Badrah, most people who suffer from depression practice

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Growing Peace—Who Me?

I For One Am Tired of Being Afraid I’m so tired of being afraid. I’m tired of waiting for the sky to fall, like Chicken Little. I’m tired of waking up anxious about war, shootings, weather patterns or the virus. I’m tired of it and want things to go back to Normal!   I Want Things to Go Back to Normal I want things to be the way they were—where I knew how to be me and how to do me with regard to—well, just about everything and everyone. What, on Earth, needs to show up in order for me

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Why is Goal Setting Hard?

I was invited to write a piece for the Fesyk Marketing Blog on why goal setting is so hard. As always I learned a lot just by writing what I thought I already knew. Here is the link that that post. It’s well worth the effort!

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Inward Bound: Bootcamp for Self-Transformation

Inward bound: Bootcamp for Self-Transformation takes place through 20 videos over 4 weeks, though you can work the program at your own pace. Each video provides skills, tools and practices, which support and empower you through the basics of any and every transformational experience possible. WOW! How Amazing!   What Actually is a Bootcamp? A bootcamp is a disciplinary program within which one commits to participating in a rigorous and structured routine. It is an undertaking that requires one to endure intensive initiation and training. Yikes! Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Choosing to engage in a bootcamp, like this one, is

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Letting It All Go

My friend Shannon asked me the other day, “So, Rosie, what are your intentions for this new year 2022?” I said, “My intention is to have no intention. Historically, anything and everything I intend regarding ‘more, better and different,’ brings me nothing but frustration–especially when it comes to monetizing my business. Financially, I’m fine. However, there is something gnawing at me, which keeps me feeling angst and anxious. In 2022, I’m letting go and letting God.”   Monetizing Your Business & Your Life In the world of attraction and manifestation, we are taught to hold intentions, create a vision board

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We’re All in This Together

Every one of us is most likely feeling the trauma of natural disasters, whether it is fire, flooding, high winds, or pandemic. None of us have immunity to being with what is occurring around the globe. Natural disasters, and the fear of them, are hugely destructive of what is priceless in your life–both the material things and your sense of peace and serenity. What do you have when everything is swept away? Survival hormones kick in. Fight, Flight, Freeze. And in these current times, there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do. So those hormones aren’t very helpful. We project blame

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Narcissist-Who Me?

Narcissism seems to be a theme that is showing up a lot in conversations with people I work with and with people I know. Whenever a theme shows up in such frequency, I know to suspect that I’ve got some personal exploring to do regarding that theme. So, I began to do some discovering! And, in doing so, I decided it might be fun to do a whole month of my Thursday YouTube Lives around the theme of Narcissism. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! They will start Thursday, Nov. 4th, at 3:30pm PST. Here’s the link. Now, I’m not an

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The Ultimate Thinking Partner

Over the last month, I’ve been struggling with the needs of the Inward Bound: Bootcamp for Self-Transformation. There are so many details of this project that need attention to ensure that it will be a great experience for you. Part of the bootcamp experience is the Inward Bound Companion Workbook that I’m in the process of finishing. (It will be available later this year.) Under the guidance of Fesyk Marketing and my daughter Elissa, I’ve immersed myself in the process of making the workbook a great learning experience – one that is enjoyable, entertaining and inspiring, so that you feel inspired, to whatever

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Families and Learning to Live Together

(This is an excerpt from the book: Parent Like a Guru, which was written in 2016. It is available on While many of us desire to parent as a spiritual practice, we sometimes get confused about what is spiritual – as in right-action, or right-thought, and what is not spiritual. The answers to this confusion will vary, depending on your religious training, your culture, and your family’s traditions. My perspective is that we are all spiritual beings here in human form, learning by engaging in the direct experience with the circumstances in front of us. Just like in elementary

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Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and Spirituality: Are They the Same?

I’m honored to have been writing blogs for Maximize Your Talents for many years now. MYT is an organization dedicated to enhancing emotional intelligence and leadership development. However, most of my books, blogs, and videos focus on the integration of spirituality into everyday life, which seems not so aligned necessarily with emotional intelligence per se. I became curious as to why MYT would continue to invite me to write for them when I feel as if I’m out of the emotional intelligence box. So, I decided to ask myself the question: Is there a difference, or is it the same

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