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Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and Spirituality: Are They the Same?

I’m honored to have been writing blogs for Maximize Your Talents for many years now. MYT is an organization dedicated to enhancing emotional intelligence and leadership development. However, most of my books, blogs, and videos focus on the integration of spirituality into everyday life, which seems not so aligned necessarily with emotional intelligence per se. I became curious as to why MYT would continue to invite me to write for them when I feel as if I’m out of the emotional intelligence box. So, I decided to ask myself the question: Is there a difference, or is it the same

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My Big Little Secret

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I’ve been using a pendulum as part of my daily spiritual practice for over 20 years. What????? My intention in sharing my secret with you in this moment is two fold: 1) My experience is that dowsing, as a practice of clearing energies, is essential to attending to the well-being of my whole being, and it’s time for you to know that, too! 2) Until today, I didn’t have anyone to refer you to, if you were interested in learning proper dowsing for yourself. Today, that all changed. My dear

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The Spiritual Process of Being in the Undoing of Me

I’m meeting with my Virtual Assistant (aka VA) today. She expects me to have checked off EVERYTHING on my To Do list. The truth is, though, I CAN’T DELIVER! I don’t know how it is for other teachers, coaches, therapists or people who are on a spiritual path, but I know that for me, as I be with the topics of my YouTube videos, my blogs, and my life circumstances, more often than not, I am being worked on the inside and the outside.  What I talk about and what I write about has me go through the personal rock tumbler, as it were.

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Choosing What is Infinitely Pleasing Over Guilt and Deprivation

The choices we make are so often created through a visceral and emotional trigger. Most of us are imperceptibly unconscious of these responses and consider them so normal we have no awareness of this process. We are unaware and unconscious of how we choose to choose what we choose! Until we become aware of how we choose what we choose we are at the mercy of a system – patterns of being, which keep us stuck, resistant and pretty unfulfilled. And, we wonder why life isn’t changing for us, even though we really want it different. Little by little I’ve

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Spiritually Transformative Experiences – You Want to Know More!

Spiritually Transformative Experiences? What the heck are they? There is an organization that birthed itself about 10 years ago, called The American Center fro the Integration for Spiritually Transformative Experiences ( Their mission is to train therapists, psychiatrists, spiritual guides, ministers, and life coaches to support individuals who have experiences beyond our 3D reality, and who need assistance to integrate these experiences into their lives. What are Spiritually Transformative Experiences? I suspect that more people than not have had a spiritually transformative experience. You may have a different name for the experience, such as: out of body experience, mystical experience, or

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Can I Get A Witness

Well, I have to say that you, my dear reader, have been a witness to my highs and lows, my ups and downs for almost two decades now. Is that possible?! These newsletters, as well as my website, blog posts, books, podcasts and now YouTube videos, are all testaments of one person’s journey through the messiness and the yahoo’s of life. Thanks for being that witness for me! It’s a wonderful thing to have the experience of trust in one’s listeners. Recently I began offering YouTube Live videos, where I’m connected to an unseen audience that I only know exists

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My Spiritual Principles and How I Came to Learn Them

A principle is not a directive. A principle won’t tell you what to do or how to do it. It is just a statement of perceived truth. It is a statement which guides and delivers each individual to their destiny. Discerning the principles by which you live your life might be the most important task of this lifetime! I created a lot of suffering in my life because I followed the principles that I was trained to believe were true. My religion, my heritage, my gender, my environment – each infused within me certain truths that I believed I needed

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Be Happy For Others – It Can Be Contagious!

As a young adult in my 20’s, 30’s, and even into my 40’s, I would see people with partners, children, houses, cars – success and fulfillment in a nutshell – and I would feel resentful. They had what I wanted. To be honestly truthful, in my 60’s I still witnessed myself believing that I can’t get for myself what I so want in the world. I’ve been bitter, resentful, and I’ve have carried victimhood like a right and an entitlement for the tragedy that was my life. Why did they get what they wanted? Why not me? Mind you, I

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Help, I’m Struggling!

Okay, the holidays are behind us, and now even the time for resolutions and anticipation of a better year is fading quickly. Help!! I had it all figured out: I had that peacefulness and serenity thing balanced and in place; I was back on track with eating cleaner food; clients were calling for sessions, the dawning of Spring, though officially a couple months away, was bringing the anticipation of the coming of more light during the day. So why do I feel bad, sad and mad? Where am I glad that I anticipated this new year? As I’ve grown myself

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When Dreams are Dashed

I believe that there is a knowing of magic, a knowing of miracles and a knowing that all dreams come true. It is intrinsic to our essential nature as human beings. However, so many times in a person’s life circumstance creates challenges, and those challenges are catalysts for major life decisions that we make about ourselves, the world and other people. Those decisions make us or break us. It seems that way anyway. Really, they alway make us. All too often, those challenging circumstances appear to shatter this intrinsic knowing of magic and miracles, leaving us in despair and anxiousness.

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