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When is Enough Enough?

Creating yourself as who you want to be can be anxiety provoking. You have no idea what your fullest potential looks like; it’s all unknown. Are you curious enough to endure anxious moments of not knowing for the sake of finding out? Are you willing to be fierce in your discipline, enough to practice 100% accountability, living into integrity, and aligning your actions with your highest truth? Can you be compassionate enough with yourself through this exploration, to allow yourself to fumble and be humbled by this amazing process of realizing your highest self, highest truth and highest potential? Can

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Dilemmas of Being

Knowing that you are always Oneness, always human, always choice-making, and always in your circumstances, now what? We are immersed in a multidimensional reality, and depending on which domain you focus on, there are conflicting commitments staring you down, at every turn. Within each Domain, you have a set of beliefs, perceptions, values and priorities: In the Domain of Oneness, you are committed to experiencing union with the Divine, harmony with nature, people, and with all being. Peace, grace and serenity are what we are committed to. At the same time, we are committed to avoiding an experience of emptiness,

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What I’ve Learned, Thus far, on My Spiritual Journey

Transformation is not a one stop shop. There’s so many ways to transform and so many things to learn along the path. Here’s what I’ve learned to be true, at least for myself over the past few years: 1. There is only one source of currency / income. It may appear to come from your job, a personal or bank loan, inheritance or from your credit cards; but without the Universal Source of all that is, the currency would not be flowing from those sources. If the currency you are needing is not forthcoming in the form you think is

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Making Your Life a HELL YES

Life is moving very fast for me these days. Lately I’ve been using the metaphor of reaching cruising altitude, pulling the throttle back just a bit and just enjoying the ride. As I fly back and forth from Seattle to San Jose, the jet I’m on usually flies at about 39,000 ft. Now, that’s high! You’ve got to be big and powerful to fly at that altitude. It wasn’t long ago that my own sense of bigness and sense of power hardly got me off the ground. It was twenty years ago that a friend of mine gave me a

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Home Again, But Where is Home?

It isn’t unusual for adventurers to return home not only physically weary, but energetically crazed. We are, after all, energetic beings. And, moving around the globe, engaging in the energetic fields of various cultures, as well as amongst the emotional field of thousands of people; well, it takes its toll. Though this can be really uncomfortable, it isn’t at all a bad thing! All that stimulation creates a release process, which inevitable discharges dense, useless energy; making way for a lighter, higher vibrational me. YEY! I arrived home to Orcas, a week ago today. We are experiencing some severe weather

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So That’s How God Works

Life of Pi is an extraordinary movie. It takes you on a phenomenal adventure, which includes a tiger. At the end of that story, Pi provides a second adventure to consider, one that is more realistic, rational and logical “ the way his father wanted him to think. Then Pi asks his audience: "Which story do you prefer." The listener responds with "I like the story about the tiger best. And, Pi, confident in his knowing and truth, responds "That’s how God Works!" When the movie was over, I was saddened that we were brought to possibility that perhaps Pi

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Rosie Takes Transformation All the Way!

After a long, dark and damp winter in the Pacific Northwest, it is truly a wonder to witness the coming of blossoming and burgeoning growth. Not just in nature, but in me too! I’ve spent the past nine winters in the Bay Area of California, where to a large extent, I was disconnected from the natural unfolding of nature. I hid away in the comfort of the Mountain View condo to avoid the inner turmoil when bombarded by the noise and confusion of well-designed urban space. The grace of the rain and dark days of this past winter on the

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We Want Transformation We Just Don’t Want to Change

My colleague and friend, Maureen O’Neill, and I kibitz a great deal about what it is like to be on this spiritual journey “ one of transformation. The truth is it’s hard friggin’ work, and sometimes, it hurts like HELL. Transformation, we think, is easy. We believe that it’s something that just happens, like miracles and magic. It’s as if we have to do nothing at all, and all of a sudden “ presto-change-o, we are transformed. We imagine with that transformation that life is effortless, and that there is no more hard work to be done. Change, on the

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