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Home from Bali

I’ve been home for a few weeks now from my incredible adventures in Bali. The retreat was wonderful, I met some beautiful new friends, and my time with new and old friends blessed me with what I’ve dubbed "Bali Moments." Bali is a destination that could be easily experienced as beautiful hotels on sandy beaches with a plethora of shops with incredible bargains. It’s very inexpensive to vacation and shop there. However, like any traveling worth the time and energy – at least from my perspective, creating opportunities to experience the essence of Bali is the true adventure. That meant

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Having What You Want

I Don’t Know What I Want The most important question, and the initial question, that I pose to any new client when starting a new coaching relationship is, "What is it that you want?" You’d be surprised but more often than not, people are challenged to articulate what they want. More often than not, they have trained themselves to want what they “should” want, or want what other people want. When faced with "what is it that YOU want," their knees go weak and their mind goes foggy and they go into a muddled abyss, not knowing how to answer

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Am I Frivolous?

In my most recent session with Mandy, a beautiful and brilliant woman in her mid-thirties, she shared with me that she was thinking seriously about attending the Weaving Heaven and Earth Retreat in Bali. But at the same time, she believed wholeheartedly that spending time and money on such an experience was frivolous. "How can going on excursions into beautiful environments, and talking about how to experience Heaven on Earth contribute to my needs for shelter, food, and clothing? I just can’t wrap my brain around doing something like this. I mean, it sounds fun, but frivolous! Aren’t my survival

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No Way-I’m Not Going!

I leave for Bali in a few weeks, and as the time draws nearer I find myself terrified of traveling to a part of the world that I’ve never been before. What comes to mind is "no." What comes to my whole being is an experience of fear and trauma. Part of me wants to back out! It’s too scary!!! I realize that I have a choice in this moment to avoid and ignore the sensations of fear and trauma, or I can explore the source of these sensations and fears. I’ve discovered over time, that to immerse myself in

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Who Wants a Boring Life?

It’s been about a month since I’ve written for Orcas Issues. I’m in the midst of preparing for my big adventure to Bali as well as putting together the program for my Retreat – Weaving Heaven and Earth. I’ll tell you, who ever said aging is boring didn’t get it right. The Aging – Who Me? group at the Senior Center has been running for a whole year now. Happy Birthday to us! We have been meeting two Tuesdays a month with pretty much the same 11 participants – with a few leaving and a few joining us. You’d think

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On the Wings of Desire

Weaving Heaven and Earth is not just a week-long retreat. It is a way of being, every day of your life. You may not be able to join us in Bali this year, though you desire it greatly. But that doesn’t mean you cannot create Heaven on Earth for yourself at home. The intention for this retreat in beautiful Bali is to cultivate an environment within which each participant can truly realize a paradigm shift. It provides an opportunity to focus on ground zero of one’s orientation in life -in essence: are you focused on a heavenly life on Earth;

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How Do I Know This is Right For Me?

Am I Meant to Be in Bali? How Do I Know if this Retreat is Right for Me? It is one thing to be intellectually savvy about spirituality. You’ve read the books; you talk about it in ways that allow you to feel confident in your truth. However, it is another thing to venture into experiences that will put you smack dab in the middle of the very essence of what you’ve only been thinking and talking about, until now. When choosing a workshop or retreat experience, you want to trust that you will be safe in the hands of

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More Juicy Details about Weaving Heaven and Earth

A Not So Silent Retreat There are all kinds of retreats: silent retreats, retreats of solitude, & meditation retreats, for people who need time by themselves on one end of the spectrum. Then there are adventure + activity-based retreats, such as writing, photography, music, art, & sports, where people are wanting to immerse themselves in a deeper level of engagement with the interest of choice at the other end of the spectrum. This retreat will be about experiencing yourself as you experience our group excursions, discussions, and creative processes. It is the “both/and.” Weaving Heaven and Earth is a retreat

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Why Bali, Why Rosie, Why a Retreat?

8 weeks from now I’ll be facilitating the Weaving Heaven and Earth Retreat in Bali. I’ve been asked – Why Bali? What value is there in going so far away? And why me – Rosie? Why a retreat and not just a vacation? Why Bali? Put simply, Bali is Beautiful. Exquisitely, National Geographic beautiful! And the Balinese’s devotion to the sacred in all of life + rich history of ceremonies and rituals, envelops us visitors and carries us in the sacred vibration, a looong way from the stresses and rigors of life in the Western-culture cities we will be arriving

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