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Creating Heaven on Earth

Given all the reading and the phenomenal conversations I’ve had with individuals who have experienced near death experiences (NDE’s), and other spiritually transformative experiences (STE’s), I have no doubt that if I died today I would be immediately embraced by loving beings on the other side. I would experience uncompromising love, kindness and compassion. Immediately I would feel absolved of all my sins, mistakes and errors. The shame and guilt I thought were mine to bear for eternity evaporate into the light. I would be free. In this Heaven, there is no wanting, no needing, no hurt, no fear or

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So That’s How God Works

Life of Pi is an extraordinary movie. It takes you on a phenomenal adventure, which includes a tiger. At the end of that story, Pi provides a second adventure to consider, one that is more realistic, rational and logical “ the way his father wanted him to think. Then Pi asks his audience: "Which story do you prefer." The listener responds with "I like the story about the tiger best. And, Pi, confident in his knowing and truth, responds "That’s how God Works!" When the movie was over, I was saddened that we were brought to possibility that perhaps Pi

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