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Parent Like a Guru: How Do I Know I’m On the Right Path as a Parent?

Quite often, when a potential client calls me to make an appointment for a coaching session, they ask: “How do I know that this is going to work? How do I know that this is the right thing for me?” The bottom line is that you don’t know, and you won’t know until you begin to engage personally and directly with the practice of consciously evolving yourself as a person and as a parent. What does it require to evolve consciously? Evolving consciously requires a degree of discipline, presence, and mindfulness to your thinking, to the thoughts you think, and

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Before You Take That First Step Towards Parenting Like a Guru

Stepping onto the spiritual path called parenting requires that you clarify, for yourself, not only what is compelling enough to step on the path, but what is compelling enough to keep you walking on that path. People are often inspired to take that first step because it sounds exciting, feels exhilarating, and worthy of the commitment. Few follow through with the second, third, or fourth step. Why? Because it gets scary when we begin to stretch beyond our comfort zone. We begin to feel the discomfort of the reorientation that is naturally occurring as part of growing and shifting our

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Six Practices for Cultivating Spiritual Competency in Our Children and Grandchildren

Okay, so I admit it: I’ve been immersed in the study and practice of spirituality for decades. I’ve had a lot to overcome, tear-down, and then rebuild “ more like a renovation of my Absolute Truths. Why? So that I can have a greater sense of understanding of the workings of the Universe, its Divine nature, and how I participate as an aspect of the Universe. First of all, I wish on no one the anguish of growing up within a religion that I experienced as void of spirituality. Perhaps my experiences as a child have led me to discover

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4 Ways to be a Valued Grandparent

"When are you coming back, Grannie?" "What did you say?" Andrew is not quite 3 years old. We skype and facetime every couple of weeks. He has four other long distance grandparents plus a huge fan club of friends of the family. Elissa, my daughter repeats Andrew’s question, as if I didn’t hear it the first time. "He wants to know when you are coming back to visit." I knew what Andrew had asked; I just didn’t believe my ears. He wants me to come back to visit. I’m touched deeply by his question and his desire for me to

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