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Dilemmas of a Small Business Guru

Yes – You! You are a Small Business Guru. Well, maybe not yet, but you are certainly on the path! Every successful business and every single business guru starts out having one idea that inspires them to do one thing to grow their idea into something more. The idea is a catalyst, which ignites a spark of inspiration – “Maybe I can turn my idea into something valuable -something people would pay money for.” Perhaps inspiration compels them to begin online searches into starting a small business; maybe they share their idea with trustworthy individual; maybe they call a financial

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Who is Running MY Business?

Professional Development Includes the Development of Our Personal Self Facilitated by Dr. Rosie Kuhn   Whether inspired to start a new business, participate in a large corporation, or work in the service industry, each of us have the intention of bringing our best selves forward. We imagine feeling fulfilled in our work, while contributing to the betterment of the company or organization we work for. We look forward to making a difference through our presence in the world. Why else do we do what we do? When things are going great, all careers can be fulfilling. But, when challenges begin

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Who Do I know Myself to Be?

Let me first say that you are a rare indi­vid­ual, indeed, to read a piece on spir­i­tu­al­iz­ing your human­ity. Maybe you didn’t know that’s what this arti­cle is about. Now you do, and that makes you rare! We think about our­selves as spir­i­tual beings, yet more often than not we live our lives as if the oppo­site were true. Many of us say we believe in a Universal Source “ Oneness, who is always lov­ing and who always pro­vides for us in every way pos­si­ble. Yet we often act from fear-based ideas, beliefs and inter­pre­ta­tions; the scarcity model. Though we

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Dilemmas of Being in Business

The intention of this series is to introduce you to a way of thinking that empowers you to see more clearly how you choose to choose what you choose in regard to the work you do, the people you work with and with yourself. While in your work environment there is never a time when you are not in relationship with these three. You are always juggling, prioritizing and reprioritizing in order for you to feel a sense of balance, fulfillment and in charge. How you choose to balance and prioritize is based on your hierarchy of commitments. Your top

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