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What I’ve Learned, Thus far, on My Spiritual Journey

Transformation is not a one stop shop. There’s so many ways to transform and so many things to learn along the path. Here’s what I’ve learned to be true, at least for myself over the past few years: 1. There is only one source of currency / income. It may appear to come from your job, a personal or bank loan, inheritance or from your credit cards; but without the Universal Source of all that is, the currency would not be flowing from those sources. If the currency you are needing is not forthcoming in the form you think is

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Rosie Takes Transformation All the Way!

After a long, dark and damp winter in the Pacific Northwest, it is truly a wonder to witness the coming of blossoming and burgeoning growth. Not just in nature, but in me too! I’ve spent the past nine winters in the Bay Area of California, where to a large extent, I was disconnected from the natural unfolding of nature. I hid away in the comfort of the Mountain View condo to avoid the inner turmoil when bombarded by the noise and confusion of well-designed urban space. The grace of the rain and dark days of this past winter on the

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