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Hedonism in France? Not Us!

After announcing our June 2019 retreat, the "I’m Giving Up Personal Development" Retreat, I wondered if it sounds as though we are all about hedonism. That we would eat, drink, and mindlessly abuse ourselves to within an inch of our lives. This retreat is just the opposite! Our intention is to mindfully allow the direct and full experience of the kindredness of ourselves with all the glory and beauty life has to offer. On a river boat in France. Because beauty and glory. Did You Know? The research of my PhD dissertation, Sailing As a Transformational Experience, revealed that most

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Aging into Shameless Perfection

There were three times in my young life when my parents wanted to disown me. The first time, I was 10 years old and requested that I be allowed to leave Sacred Heart Catholic School to attend the public school. Initially they were appalled by my desire. My mom and dad went to our parish priest, Father Hurley, who threatened to excommunicate me. But in the end, my parents reluctantly allowed me and the rest of my younger siblings to attend the public school – it saved my dad a lot of money! The second time my parents wanted to

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Am I Worthy of My Own Expression?

For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling with more angst, worry and sadness than usual. I rarely go to menopause as the reason for these shifts in my emotional state. Though hormones can cause emotional shifts, rarely am I affected that way. And my experience is that when I stay intentional about being with myself and my emotions “ just like a mom with her child who isn’t feeling well, the source of the emotions becomes clear. A few nights ago I had a series of dreams that were very deep and profound. Usually I don’t remember my dreams,

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