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The Wisdom of the 2×4

Global Warming, Cancer, Human Trafficking, Wars, yes, even COVID…. Sometimes it’s really difficult to hold the spiritual truth that all of what’s happening in the world is in service to supporting and empowering each and every one of us into higher states of consciousness. I’ve heard and read this perspective hundreds of times: that we come back over and over again – frequently into the same spirit families, to help those we love to grow themselves consciously. The point of growing ourselves consciously is that it enables us to experience and express greater degrees of love, kindness and generosity. The

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Game Changers – They Happen When Least Expected

Sam is a 73 year old retired fellow, living in a two bedroom apartment in Houston. He is a veteran from the Viet Nam era, had a decent enough life with a couple of kids, an ex-wife, and a girlfriend of 25 years. Sam has been happy in his routines – stopping in at his local bank where he has coffee with some cronies. He visits with neighbors and participates in his community, as he has done for many decades. A longtime client of mine, James, in his mid 40’s, lives in Denver. He has four children, a wife he

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Nobody Does it Like Mother Nature

I’ve heard it said that death is the great equalizer. As true as this statement is, I see that aging too is the great equalizer. Stuff happens as we age, and no matter how much power, money, beauty, or sex-appeal you have, you can’t say no to what Mother Nature has to offer. One of the intentions of these articles, “Aging – Who Me?”is to cultivate not only awareness but also our innate intelligence in a way that sparks a curiosity about what it is like within these human packages. Another intention is to see that, regardless of your chronological

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Ageism Among The Aged

Ageism Among the Aged – That’s Whacky! I know plenty of individuals in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who don’t want to hang around with “old people.” These old people may be the same age, yet, they are seen as different, because they are seen as old. Isn’t that fascinating. When is Old Old, and what is Old, anyway? Orcas Island Senior Lunch. The room is a sea of white-haired people, sitting around tables, apparently enjoying the company of others. Quite often a piano player is providing beautiful and joyful music. To some, this is very inviting! Depending on which

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Being Successful at Living Someone Elses Illusion

One of the fundamental truths I’ve been living with in my life is that I’m simply not enough and will never be enough. I can never do enough because I can never be enough “ you get the picture. Every day, I fail to bring about the magical miracle outcome that I hope will happen through completing ordinary tasks. The hope is unfulfilled. I’ve come to resist doing anything, or completing anything, because the evidence is that I will face the emptiness of unfulfilled expectations,… and I hate that feeling.   Empty of magic; empty of miracles; death of a

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