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The Fear Virus

I’m not at all afraid of the COVID-19 virus. I’m healthy, I live far away from people and as an introvert, I am happy being reclusive. In my perspective, the virus that is a greater problem in our world is the Fear Virus. It spreads so much more quickly. It’s already worldwise and exceptionally contagious, and it destroys lives in ways that are so much worse than the COVID-19 virus. I don’t know about you, but my life experiences have led me to be highly susceptible to catching fear from others. Some would call it PTSD, but all I know

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What’s Really Happening When Life Gets Scary

Regardless of who you are, the career path you’ve taken, your family, or the spiritual path you are on, inevitably you will meet something really scary and realize that you cannot escape one of our greatest adversaries “ uncertainty. Uncertainty brings up feelings of powerlessness, loss, and vulnerability. It scares us into withdrawing from the growing edge of our life, opting instead to hold back until we feel more brave and confident.   In fact, there are numerous circumstances these days that are triggering the experience of uncertainty. The COVID-19 virus pandemic is just the latest, and it’s impacting everything

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Life Without Angst? Impossible!

My local newspaper recently asked me to write something that could perhaps reflect some peace amongst all the current public angst that is occurring. What with the COVID-19 and the state of political affairs, we are being pushed to be with ourselves in a way that is very new to so many of us. So I wrote down this conversation, which for me is at the heart of all the angst in the world.   A Coaching Session Bob (not his real name) – What do I do with the angst I feel about the really scary situation in our

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R is for Resistance

I’m experiencing resistance to writing this blog. I feel angry, frustrated and distracted by, well … It’s more that I’m allowing myself to get distracted; that way I can avoid being with what I don’t want to be with. You might be asking “ as I would, if I were you, why I’m resisting writing if I’m in the business of writing? Even though I enjoy writing, it’s challenging at times to put words and sentences together in a way that articulates what I’m wanting to say. Sometimes it comes easy and every so often it’s more challenging to get

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Creating a Business in Times of Uncertainty

From Sharon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dear Dr. Rosie, I’m focusing on getting my business off the ground. And, at the same time there is so much talk about an economic meltdown; I just don’t know what to do. Should I stay under my covers where I feel safe and wait for it all to do what it’s going to do or should I move forward with my intention and hope for the best? Your articles are written in such a way that they have a spiritual quality to them without being too religious or too woo-woo. This makes me feel comfortable

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