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What I’ve Learned, Thus far, on My Spiritual Journey

Transformation is not a one stop shop. There’s so many ways to transform and so many things to learn along the path. Here’s what I’ve learned to be true, at least for myself over the past few years: 1. There is only one source of currency / income. It may appear to come from your job, a personal or bank loan, inheritance or from your credit cards; but without the Universal Source of all that is, the currency would not be flowing from those sources. If the currency you are needing is not forthcoming in the form you think is

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Home Again, But Where is Home?

It isn’t unusual for adventurers to return home not only physically weary, but energetically crazed. We are, after all, energetic beings. And, moving around the globe, engaging in the energetic fields of various cultures, as well as amongst the emotional field of thousands of people; well, it takes its toll. Though this can be really uncomfortable, it isn’t at all a bad thing! All that stimulation creates a release process, which inevitable discharges dense, useless energy; making way for a lighter, higher vibrational me. YEY! I arrived home to Orcas, a week ago today. We are experiencing some severe weather

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