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Aging – Who Me:

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life! If you are old enough to be reading this article you are old enough to understand that you have been participating in the aging process well before your little feet landed on the planet. You experienced the process of aging when, around the age of six, you lost your first teeth. Six years later, you began to develop muscle, breasts, pubic hair, and growth. Invisible hormones began to create sensations that were way beyond your ability to control. For many of us, we looked forward to these changes. For others, not so

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Who is Running MY Business?

Professional Development Includes the Development of Our Personal Self Facilitated by Dr. Rosie Kuhn   Whether inspired to start a new business, participate in a large corporation, or work in the service industry, each of us have the intention of bringing our best selves forward. We imagine feeling fulfilled in our work, while contributing to the betterment of the company or organization we work for. We look forward to making a difference through our presence in the world. Why else do we do what we do? When things are going great, all careers can be fulfilling. But, when challenges begin

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