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Deep Recovery

Transformation as an Absolute for Addicts and Mental Health Sufferers A paradigm shift is occurring in the field of recovery. Staying clean and sober “ regardless of the addiction, can now be recognized as the initial stage of personal transformation. This is not just hype “ this is an absolute! By shifting our context of recovery from coping with and managing our addictions, to uncovering and healing the deepest source of our addictions, we not only become more self-realized, but we allow self-actualizing to be at the forefront of our intentions. It is clear in Dr. Rosie Kuhn’s eyes that,

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Happiness is an Inside Job

My client, Richard, is dying of lung cancer. He has been a wealthy and successful brain surgeon: seems like Richard should be a happy guy too, right? The truth is, for most of Richard’s life, he was an unhappy alcoholic. Now, in his late 60’s, he is retired, sober and has just a few years left to live a happy life. Sitting in the middle of a crowded and noisy coffee shop, Richard asked me: “Rosie, how do I find happiness?” I said: “Close your eyes, Richard, and think a happy thought.” Within 2 seconds, a radiant smile came across

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Ineptness as a Masterful Teacher

Hank is a young fellow working for a fifteen year old company in Sarasota, Florida. He is frustrated because there is a lack of momentum on the part of his manager to fully implement Hank’s gifts and skills. He’s frustrated because he feels underutilized and unfulfilled. He feels like a racehorse that isn’t given enough rein to really run the race and win. He’s being held back, but why? More often than not, managers aren’t conscious of how they influence their team. They don’t even know that there’s a way that they are being that limits the success of their

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