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Today is the Day

“If God is such a loving God, how can he allow war, poverty and disease?” I hear this question a lot, and it inspired me to sit and write down my perspective, since I, too, wonder why things are the way they are, especially for me, on a personal level. Bad things happen to all of us, personally, professionally, to our communities, countries and on a global scale. Who’s responsible for it all? Who’s to blame? Is the right response to be angry, hateful and shaming? Is the right response to get even “ you know, an eye for an

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So That’s How God Works

Life of Pi is an extraordinary movie. It takes you on a phenomenal adventure, which includes a tiger. At the end of that story, Pi provides a second adventure to consider, one that is more realistic, rational and logical “ the way his father wanted him to think. Then Pi asks his audience: "Which story do you prefer." The listener responds with "I like the story about the tiger best. And, Pi, confident in his knowing and truth, responds "That’s how God Works!" When the movie was over, I was saddened that we were brought to possibility that perhaps Pi

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T is for Turbulence

To state the obvious, there’s no question we are living in turbulent times. The winds of change are creating upheaval and instability, leaving chaos and confusion in its wake. The almighty dollar upon which we’ve built just about all of our institutions, including religion, as well as a sense of security and stability is rocking and rolling like those areas around the planet that are experiencing earthquakes. Everything is getting shaken up. In the workplace, job security is getting to be a bankrupt concept. And, if you manage to keep your job, most likely you’ve taken on the work of

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