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Coming of Age “ Regardless of Age

One theme of Aging- Who Me? is that we are never not aging. We are never not developing, growing, unfolding, evolving. We are in fact in a constant state of emerging. As humans we are bombarded with choices, constantly. Some are big choices, some, not so big. For example, choosing the right college; choosing marriage or parenthood; choosing the “right career; choosing how to be with a partner or family member who’s harmful and abusive; choosing how to be with an incurable disease, choosing to come out of the closet in regard to their sexuality, their spirituality, or politics; choosing

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Nobody Does it Like Mother Nature

I’ve heard it said that death is the great equalizer. As true as this statement is, I see that aging too is the great equalizer. Stuff happens as we age, and no matter how much power, money, beauty, or sex-appeal you have, you can’t say no to what Mother Nature has to offer. One of the intentions of these articles, “Aging – Who Me?”is to cultivate not only awareness but also our innate intelligence in a way that sparks a curiosity about what it is like within these human packages. Another intention is to see that, regardless of your chronological

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Security and the Constant Temptation to Yield to Expediency

Security is a wonderful feeling, which all of us seek, yet few of us actually experience fully. Especially with the economic downturn “ no one is safe from the potential demise of the current world market. Almost four years ago, I took myself out of the game, as it were, in order to follow an intuition “ a calling, if you will, onto a trajectory that I knew would reap extraordinary rewards that I had not yet even imagined. In the tarot deck of cards, the Tower is one of twenty-two Major Arcana cards. The image is a large burning

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Reviewing Values, Regrets and Acknowledgements

From: Julia W. Boulder, Colorado Dear Dr. Rosie, I’m curious how you’ve prepared for this New Year? Did you evaluate and assess how things went for you in 2010 and make a list of what you want to have happen in 2011? What process did you follow to make this coming year better than the last? Look forward to seeing you at the next Colorado Wonderful Women’s Retreat in February. Julia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Dr. Rosie Hi Julia, What comes along automatically for me with the end of a season, a cycle or a year is a process of questioning of

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Leadership and Loving Kindness

From: Karen, Montgomery, Alabama Dear Dr. Rosie I work as an HR person in a medium sized company here in Montgomery. I love my work because I get to use coaching skills to not only empower employees’ productivity but also create an environment that is fun and highly effective. Lately, though, the employees have been bringing me more challenging issues. I’m having to intervene in a way that feels forceful and imposing rather than my more usual style of empowering them through inquiry to take actions on their own behalf. Because there’s potential for harming themselves or being harmed by

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Creating a Business in Times of Uncertainty

From Sharon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Dear Dr. Rosie, I’m focusing on getting my business off the ground. And, at the same time there is so much talk about an economic meltdown; I just don’t know what to do. Should I stay under my covers where I feel safe and wait for it all to do what it’s going to do or should I move forward with my intention and hope for the best? Your articles are written in such a way that they have a spiritual quality to them without being too religious or too woo-woo. This makes me feel comfortable

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Chasing Ideas to Somewhere

From Usha, Hello Dr. Kuhn, Here I am to ask you something again. How do I put ideas into action? You know, I find so many ideas great and even practical, but many a times I get carried away and do not act on them. Why does this happen? I want to start acting on my ideas, how………help? I feel I am sounding like my 7 year old kid asking for help but seriously, I find this a huge problem. Is it that I feel the need to be guided always to act upon something? Looking forward to your wonderful

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What if I Fail?

Maria asks: Dear Dr. Rosie, I’ve been following your column for the past few weeks. I’m inspired to consider taking steps towards my dream career as a graphic artist “ I’m so passionate about creating! I’m also so scared that I might fail in this endeavor. Who will be there to pick me up or to catch me if I fall? I’m so afraid of being alone. I’d love some words of wisdom to help me take the first step. Thanks Dr. Rosie, Maria ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Dr. Rosie Dear Maria, I totally empathize with you as you stand at the

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