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The Aging Dreamer – The Ageless Dreamer

“There are literally no limits to what you may now choose to experience within the context of this physical form…. One must now take total responsibility for the focused intent that underlies one’s choices.” Oneness, p.299 As I read these words of Oneness, I ask myself the questions: “What do people who are aging dream and imagine? What do I dream and imagine? Or, have I given up believing in dreams; that I’m too old to have my dreams come true?” Dreaming and imagining are essential components of our human psyche. At every age, through stories, music, imagination and play,

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We Want Transformation We Just Don’t Want to Change

My colleague and friend, Maureen O’Neill, and I kibitz a great deal about what it is like to be on this spiritual journey “ one of transformation. The truth is it’s hard friggin’ work, and sometimes, it hurts like HELL. Transformation, we think, is easy. We believe that it’s something that just happens, like miracles and magic. It’s as if we have to do nothing at all, and all of a sudden “ presto-change-o, we are transformed. We imagine with that transformation that life is effortless, and that there is no more hard work to be done. Change, on the

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E is for Empowerment, Engage and Essence

My experience with life in any business environment is, that these three words empowerment, essence and engage, are the most powerful. They support and enhance personal and professional growth for both you and the business within which you are employed. The degree to which you are engaged with your work and your environment from an empowered perspective is the degree to which you will experience fulfillment and healthy dynamics within the workplace. In my initial interviews with clients, regardless of their position, I ask: "What are you afraid people are going to find out or decide about you?" In quick

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Can I Get a Witness?

"I don’t want you to fix anything! I just want you to listen" How many times have you said this, or had this line said to you? Or, have you ever said this to someone, or had it said to you? "This isn’t about you! This is about me “ stop making it about YOU!" And, one more. . . "You are talking but you aren’t talking to me! I feel like I could walk away and you wouldn’t even notice." Ah! Listening and speaking, communicating, connecting. . . . What the heck are we up to? From these few

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Ask Dr. Rosie: Leadership and Loving Kindness

From: Karen, Montgomery, Alabama Dear Dr. Rosie I work as an HR person in a medium sized company here in Montgomery. I love my work because I get to use coaching skills to not only empower employees’ productivity but also create an environment that is fun and highly effective. Lately, though, the employees have been bringing me more challenging issues. I’m having to intervene in a way that feels forceful and imposing rather than my more usual style of empowering them through inquiry to take actions on their own behalf. Because there’s potential for harming themselves or being harmed by

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What if I Fail?

Maria asks: Dear Dr. Rosie, I’ve been following your column for the past few weeks. I’m inspired to consider taking steps towards my dream career as a graphic artist “ I’m so passionate about creating! I’m also so scared that I might fail in this endeavor. Who will be there to pick me up or to catch me if I fall? I’m so afraid of being alone. I’d love some words of wisdom to help me take the first step. Thanks Dr. Rosie, Maria ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Dr. Rosie Dear Maria, I totally empathize with you as you stand at the

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