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The Wisdom of the 2×4

Global Warming, Cancer, Human Trafficking, Wars, yes, even COVID…. Sometimes it’s really difficult to hold the spiritual truth that all of what’s happening in the world is in service to supporting and empowering each and every one of us into higher states of consciousness. I’ve heard and read this perspective hundreds of times: that we come back over and over again – frequently into the same spirit families, to help those we love to grow themselves consciously. The point of growing ourselves consciously is that it enables us to experience and express greater degrees of love, kindness and generosity. The

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Letting Go of the Belief that there is a Guarantee

I recently read an article about His Holiness the Dalai Lama, written by Stephan Talty. Stephan describes the life of this man: how he was taken away from his family early in his childhood, how he had to study and meditate, and live a life that he did not choose for himself. His country, Tibet, was taken over by China and he was forced to go into exile. Now in his 80’s, he has been given many awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize. Stephan says about the Dalai Lama: “He thinks like a man that is guaranteed nothing.” Reading this

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What are Your Four Truths You Live By?

Last night, my son Zach and I watched a documentary titled Samsara. It’s a beautiful film with no voices to explain the images depicting the cycle of life, death and rebirth “ Samsara. Within this film, images of nature are woven together with images of people, cities, industry and many elements of a societies, religions and cultures. Some of the images are painful to witness, but they do portray the aspects of samsara that are part and parcel to the life cycle and the world we live in today. These have to do with what would be considered animal cruelty,

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Today is the Day!

This is the day I’ve been waiting for all of my life. Actually, it’s the day I’ve been preparing for all of my life. I thought it would be different “ bands playing and a lot of whoop-ti-do. But, no; it’s just me and Gracie on the mountain, overlooking Crow Valley, clouds rolling by with the sun peeking through on occasion. It sounds like a normal, run of the mill day, but something dramatic has shifted: I’m happy! I used to think happy was a vacuous, mindless, blissful state. I’ve realized how much effort it takes to be happy “

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