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P is for Power

In my first book, Self-Empowerment 101, I devote the first chapter solely to the subject of power. The reason is that through power and the energy that generates power, every event since the Big Bang is a result of that power. Regardless of how power is used “ whether in alignment with evil or good intentions, to look small and helpless or to be a superpower, all is generated from the same source. Power is often synonymous with force; taking against the will of the other, be it from sentient or non-sentient beings, for the sole purpose of gain. Gaining

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L is for Loneliness

You probably thought that since we are talking about spirituality in business that love would be the L word for this week. No. Everything we’ve discussed and much of what we will be discussing engages and exercises the muscles of love. No need to go there today. Though we spend hours with our cohorts, colleagues, team members, rarely do we engage in such a way that we feel heard and seen for who we are and for what we really bring with us to the office. Loneliness is a spiritual crisis for every individual on this planet. It is isolation

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Ask Dr. Rosie: The Constraints of No Boundaries

It’s not uncommon for children to grow up not knowing their own beautiful thoughts and feelings and their essential needs and wants. You might be asking "How can that be?" Well, it’s one of the ravages of families and the individuals inside them. They are at war with themselves with no one to mediate a peace treaty. In some ways we have no choice in the matter when it comes to which family we arrive into as infants. I don’t know a single soul who asked to be born into violence, depression, poverty and sickness. But here we are, thousands

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What if I’m Wrong?

In the course of any choice-making process, whether its regarding career, relationship, health, finances “ you name it, sometimes there is that underlying whisper gnawing at you as you take that first step, or even the 59th step: "What if I’m WRONG?" Do you know what I’m talking about? This past month I had a difference of opinion with an associate of mine. The conversation, as far as it went, didn’t satisfy my sense that we would be working this out in a way that would rebuild lost trust and connection. I severed the tie, I burnt the bridge and

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