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Ah, Malaise!

I woke up this morning sad, frustrated and disappointed. “Why?” I ask myself. It’s a beautiful day on Orcas, you are healthy, you have money in the bank and a lot of good friends. The me that is sad says “Yes, I know, but….” This is pretty much a lifelong pattern for me, of waking up in a mild malaise. I’m a regular Ginger Rogers when it comes to this unhappy song and dance. I’m on to me now, though, and can trip up this unhappy La-La-La, more frequently than ever before. The truth is that for decades I’ve been

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Deep Recovery –

We think we are recovering from our addictions to harmful substances and activities, or to habitual mental or emotional practices. Truth is, by surrendering our use of substances and behaviors that harm us, we begin reclaiming ourselves from that which encourages self-abuse, self-neglect, self-loathing, and most importantly, from the denial of Self. Can you imagine that? Deep Recovery empowers us to mindfully give up those practices that entrain us to ignore our inner wisdom and guidance, and have us continually live with stress and despair. To defer to no one, which is the most self-honoring practice of all, requires that

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Deep Recovery

Transformation as an Absolute for Addicts and Mental Health Sufferers A paradigm shift is occurring in the field of recovery. Staying clean and sober “ regardless of the addiction, can now be recognized as the initial stage of personal transformation. This is not just hype “ this is an absolute! By shifting our context of recovery from coping with and managing our addictions, to uncovering and healing the deepest source of our addictions, we not only become more self-realized, but we allow self-actualizing to be at the forefront of our intentions. It is clear in Dr. Rosie Kuhn’s eyes that,

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I’m Grateful for My Teeth

  In my thirties I was alone and depressed. I was in a bad relationship; living far away from my children, living and working on the edge of Canada in the Province of Nova Scotia. I isolated myself from anyone who could or would be a friend. Dark nights, crushing days; I had no idea that life could get any better for me. I was a therapist at the time, supporting individuals and families recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. I loved my work. I loved my clients. And, because I was fairly new to the fields of therapy and

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