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Being Successful at Living Someone Elses Illusion

One of the fundamental truths I’ve been living with in my life is that I’m simply not enough and will never be enough. I can never do enough because I can never be enough “ you get the picture. Every day, I fail to bring about the magical miracle outcome that I hope will happen through completing ordinary tasks. The hope is unfulfilled. I’ve come to resist doing anything, or completing anything, because the evidence is that I will face the emptiness of unfulfilled expectations,… and I hate that feeling.   Empty of magic; empty of miracles; death of a

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Money: from Distressing to De-stressing

Usha Asks: Hello Dr. Rosie, It feels nice to read these articles as I feel I’m not alone in pursuing dreams that are different from what I earlier set out for. Here’s my question: How can handling money be shifted from a distressing situation to a de-stressing one? Regards, Usha From Dr. Rosie: Dear Usha, Thanks for your presence and your questions. You bring so much to this column with your sharing of what’s unfolding for you. The easiest way to shift handling money from distressing to de-stressing is to shift how you think about money and then create new

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