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Happiness is an Inside Job

My client, Richard, is dying of lung cancer. He has been a wealthy and successful brain surgeon: seems like Richard should be a happy guy too, right? The truth is, for most of Richard’s life, he was an unhappy alcoholic. Now, in his late 60’s, he is retired, sober and has just a few years left to live a happy life. Sitting in the middle of a crowded and noisy coffee shop, Richard asked me: “Rosie, how do I find happiness?” I said: “Close your eyes, Richard, and think a happy thought.” Within 2 seconds, a radiant smile came across

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Today is the Day!

This is the day I’ve been waiting for all of my life. Actually, it’s the day I’ve been preparing for all of my life. I thought it would be different “ bands playing and a lot of whoop-ti-do. But, no; it’s just me and Gracie on the mountain, overlooking Crow Valley, clouds rolling by with the sun peeking through on occasion. It sounds like a normal, run of the mill day, but something dramatic has shifted: I’m happy! I used to think happy was a vacuous, mindless, blissful state. I’ve realized how much effort it takes to be happy “

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