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Positive Discipline Part 3

Part 3 – I’ve Never Been Here Before Every morning we wake to a new day – a new version of our children, of our work, our lives, and of ourselves. Truthfully, none of us have been here before. The remarkable reality that surrounds us often gets cluttered with a regiment of rituals, in service to getting through the day with relative ease and grace. Mundane patterns of thinking, seeing and acting fog our senses, and we ignore the true beauty that unfolds eternally before us. I am a Child of Light Growing up, I was constantly shocked and disappointed

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Positive Discipline Part 2

Part 2 – I Definitely Have Some Positive Self-Discipline to Do Last month, I shared with you the degree to which I was disciplining my children from unconscious patternings that I didn’t know existed. As a young mother – the woman that I was 35 years ago, I wasn’t considering the long term results of what I was practicing in regard to discipline. I just wanted my children to do what I wanted them to do, when I wanted them to do it. I wasn’t successful, and in their teens our relationship degraded to virtually nothing. They couldn’t wait to

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Positive Discipline Part 1

Positive Disciple Starts With Me Positive Discipline is easy when you know your highest intent for disciplining, and you personally practice positive discipline for yourself and for your children. As well, positive discipline is easy when you willingly let go of the need to control, especially when those needs are pretty deep-seated and unconscious. This is not so easy! I’m visiting friends Sara and Kirk in Bali this month. They have an eight year old daughter Hanna, who is brilliant, creative, playful and sociable. Hanna seems to have a pretty positive relationship with herself and the world. I love watching

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The 3 D’s of Spiritual Rehab

Over the past few months I’ve found myself getting a little frustrated with clients who say they are committed to transformation and being on a spiritual path, while at the same time they make very little time for the personal processing required to make such transformations occur. It appears that our sense of the work required for personal and spiritual transformation is that it is somewhat magical & instantaneous – no mixing, stirring or messiness required. The truth, however, is that Discipline, Dedication, and Devotion are required – the 3 D’s of Spiritual Rehab. In essence, I see that the

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5 Steps to Presencing (Being Present)

Presence: It seems like a no brainer; aren’t we always present wherever we go? Actually, it’s rare that we are present, in the moment, with our full attention on the individual, the group or task in front of us. Opportunities to have distractions pop up and take our attention away from what we are intending to be attending to. Cell phones, emails, texts, phones, people passing by our office or cubicle “ these are the some of the external distractions; what about the thoughts, emotions and body sensations that also pull us off course; the emotions, stress, anger and fatigue;

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