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Question Reality – Who Me?

This is not about Network Marketing… what the??? …No, I’m not selling anything-promise! My intention in sharing this blog is to invite you to question your cultural norms – not only regarding business models, but all models of reality that we believe are the “only” models of reality. Just for 5 minutes…ready?….Here we go!   80% Are Unhappy in Their Jobs As a coach I hear quite often that my clients aspire to do what other people are doing, for either the money, the prestige, or the power others seemingly have and my clients want. Life would surely be better

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Cease Abandonment

  Quite often for me, the writing of one article stirs some inner work that reveals another bump in the road – an obstacle that, again, on one level seems like no big deal, yet on another stops the natural unfolding of one’s life path. For every one of us, by sitting with these obstacles, an epiphany arises naturally, along with the doubt of its truth and realness. The Epiphany Last Sunday, after my article, “Aging Into Shameless Perfection” was published in Orcas Issues, I thought about all of those times in my life where I’d felt shamed, forsaken, and

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