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As I was watering my plants today and thinking about this Live Event, the question that came to mind is this: "What’s the degree to which you are transparent in the world?" Or, "From 0-100, what percentage of your life are you protecting and armoring yourself from being violated?"

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Five Reasons Why I Don’t Tell People What to Do

My job as a life coach is to empower people to empower themselves to create a great life. I sometimes tell clients I’m their Fairy Godmother, and that I will empower them to empower themselves to make their dreams come true! Everyone loves this idea. And, they really pay attention to our conversations – for some reason, they pay better attention to their Fairy Godmother than they do to their life coach. When Carmen first started working with me – as her Fairy Godmother, she shared that what she wants to have fun again in her work life and to

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