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Parent Like a Guru: How Do I Know I’m On the Right Path as a Parent?

Quite often, when a potential client calls me to make an appointment for a coaching session, they ask: “How do I know that this is going to work? How do I know that this is the right thing for me?” The bottom line is that you don’t know, and you won’t know until you begin to engage personally and directly with the practice of consciously evolving yourself as a person and as a parent. What does it require to evolve consciously? Evolving consciously requires a degree of discipline, presence, and mindfulness to your thinking, to the thoughts you think, and

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Declaring Your Place in the World: Check These Off Your To-Do List

Young, Daring and Unstoppable! In the late 60’s, the summer of my Junior year of high school, my sweetheart, Paul, and I took on a project of creating awareness in our small Island community in Michigan, of the importance of environmental support. Using an electric typewriter and the manual cranking mimeograph machine at the local library, we made over 1,000 pamphlets, listing the many ways to help the Islanders become aware of how we could save the planet: recycle, reuse, population control, small volume toilets, etc. I rode my bike around the Island carefully placing our answers to world devastation

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Six Practices for Cultivating Spiritual Competency in Our Children and Grandchildren

Okay, so I admit it: I’ve been immersed in the study and practice of spirituality for decades. I’ve had a lot to overcome, tear-down, and then rebuild “ more like a renovation of my Absolute Truths. Why? So that I can have a greater sense of understanding of the workings of the Universe, its Divine nature, and how I participate as an aspect of the Universe. First of all, I wish on no one the anguish of growing up within a religion that I experienced as void of spirituality. Perhaps my experiences as a child have led me to discover

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