The self-improvement movement has provided millions of people with useful metaphors, “secrets”, insights, and visioning techniques. Yet, most folks continue to languish in frustration, unable to actively move their lives towards the achievement of their dreams and visions. At long last, Rosie Kuhn gives us the secret magic ingredient to growth, freedom and prosperity: ACTION! This coach of coaches presents us with a users manual of our psyches, helping us to illuminate and overcome our self-imposed barriers to living into our fullest potential. Anyone interested in genuinely transforming their life should read this book! —Thomas A. Potterfield, Ph.D. President and C.E.O. Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

It’s rare to find a motivational book where the author clearly loves her readers. Most such books are primarily intended to instruct the reader to a change of mind. In Self-Empowerment 101, Dr. Rosie Kuhn clearly is intending to inspire her readers to a change of heart. We get to first establish the safe ground necessary to support a change of heart, and from there, under Rosie’s careful guidance, our work gets interesting. Not easy, and not effortless – since few real changes of heart come about in that manner – but the work of such change begins to take on a kind of absorbing intrigue. We stand as both participant and observer and frequently wonder in amazement at how it’s all going to turn out. With changes of heart, there are few guarantees! —Mark Brady, Ph.D. Author of “The Little Book of Listening”

If you want to take charge of your life, let master coach Rosie Kuhn show you the way. If you struggle with your finances, with the commitments you make to yourself, or in any area of your life, get your hands on this excellent self-empowerment guide and start reading”and changing! —Eric Maisel, “Creativity for Life and Creative Recovery”

I really appreciate your willingness to describe your coaching method in detail. If I had had this book earlier, I would have gotten a lot more out of the coaching and counseling experiences in which I have participated over the years. —Paul H., Editor

I was visiting with Betsy the other day and told her I read the first chapter of your book. As always, spending time with you or exposure to your knowledge always creates an inquiring mind for me. It was really funny though — I was reading the first chapter on Power and kept telling myself that this chapter doesn’t apply to me — but I kept reading. Toward the end I had myself so convinced that it didn’t apply that I started skimming. After I put the book down and was laying in bed asking myself all of the questions that get stirred up I realized that it did apply — more so than I could ever imagine! So, I will be rereading the first chapter again — just wanted to say thanks. —Jody S. Boulder, CO

Thank you so much for sending your book to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It was my intention to skim the book to come up with questions for you to respond to for our readers and found that skimming, as I can so often do in most books, was an impossibility in yours. I became engrossed in each chapter connecting with the messages written. Well done! I feel like I just had multiple sessions with a life coach and have walked away with tools to move forward. —Genny, Connections for Women www.connectionsforwomen.com

It is rare that a book presents such an opportunity to definitively step into relationship with power. Self-Empowerment 101 demands your presence through an intense but compassionate investigation into how you are being with fundamental concepts such as power, success, and failure. You have to be ready to thrill yourself with empowering inquiry that shows up in every chapter of this book. You also have to be ready to feel your stomach up in your throat as you rollercoaster through many of those strategies you think keep you safe but only keep you feeling stuck. You’re not stuck! You’re just unsure how to live in right-relationship with yourself while tackling everything life appears to be throwing at you. Open this book and begin an exploration that will leave you more self-empowered and absolutely sure of the magnificence of your being. —Todd Zimmerman, Life and Spiritual Coach and Hand Analyst

Thank you!!! I am reading your incredible book. p. 45 was an amazing message about how we can be with our fears when moving out of our comfort zones to our vision of possibility. This awareness and noticing is huge, our actions can be negative or positive, to disempower or empower ourselves. I think I am getting it!! Really helping me with some of my obstacles which appear. Reframing my perspective a transformation in action and courage. —Vicki Prentice Rubin M.A. Vicki Prentice Associates Inc. Artist Representatives/Creative Consultants

I just finished reading your book–loved it!! I’m excited to recommend it to others. It was everything you’ve talked about in your workshops, all condensed into one place. I could hear your voice as I read…what a pleasure and a treasure–deliciously sweet and tangy all at once. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and your vision with all of us in yet another brilliantly executed medium. —Tracy Guglietti, Certified Life Coach

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